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no it is not a synonym

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Q: Is sizzling a synonym
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Is sizzling sausages alliteration?

is six sizzling sausages

What is a sentence using the word sizzling?

The steak was sizzling on the grill.

Can you use the word sizzling in a sentence?

I Heard a sizzling sound of a thunderstorm

How do you use the word sizzling?

the bacon was sizzling on the hot frying pan

How do you spell sizzling?

That is the correct spelling of "sizzling" (noisy bubbling due to high temperature).

If you had six sizzling snack size sausages in a sizzling saucepan with sweet and sour sauce what would you do?

I'd swallow those six sizzling sweet-and-sour sausages.

What is extremely hot called?

Lots of things, boiling, roasting, scalding, sizzling, blistering, sizzling

Is sizzling onomatopoeia?

No, but sizzle is.

What rhymes with sizzling?


Why a cold drink can produce sizzling sound when opened?

the cold drink makes a sizzling sound because it is containg a little of carbon doxide which makes the sizzling sound when opened

How do you change sizzle into an adverb?


Could you give me example of sentence using sizzling?

The freshly-cut bacon had a wonderful aroma while it was sizzling in the pan.

What does a sizzling grill sound like?

well it sounds like, a barbecue on fire which is sizzling.Because if you touch a sizzling grill, its like fire.

What actors and actresses appeared in Sizzling Summer Destinations - 2006?

The cast of Sizzling Summer Destinations - 2006 includes: Mariel Hemingway

What does sizzling means?

a type of part of a storm

What is a three letter word for sizzling?


Is a sizzling plate a conductor or insulator?


What actors and actresses appeared in Sizzling Outdoor Kitchens - 2007?

The cast of Sizzling Outdoor Kitchens - 2007 includes: Frank Lorey as himself

What is the sizzling sound when the water heater is running?

Condensation may cause sizzling and popping noises within the burner area during heating periods.

What are the release dates for Sizzling Outdoor Kitchens - 2007 TV?

Sizzling Outdoor Kitchens - 2007 TV was released on: USA: 1 April 2007

What are the release dates for Sizzling Pleasures - 2009?

Sizzling Pleasures - 2009 was released on: USA: 9 December 2009 (Anchorage International Film Festival)

What actors and actresses appeared in Sizzling Pleasures - 2009?

The cast of Sizzling Pleasures - 2009 includes: Colleen Crinklaw as Woman Roger Waldron as Man

What is an English word with two z's next to it?


How many syllables in sizzling?

sizz-ling 2

What are the affects of acid on copper?

A sizzling colour change!