Is skin cancer covered by workmens compensation?

Speaking from personal experience and a great deal of research with a fully disabled by Melanoma patient, not as a WC specialist: Unless you are something like a lifequard and would want to pursue some direct link between your employment and the developing of cancer (and that may not be easy to prove), there would seem to be no reason it would be a disability caused by or at the employment and covered by WC. If it prevents you from working it generally does qualify as a disability for Social Security (and presumably other) disability coverages. Probably not unless there was outrageous work conditions. Skin cancer is a condition that can be part of your family tendencies. If you work outside, are light skinned and have moles, you're a candidate and should probably wear sunscreen, but since it isn't a situation where EVERYONE who works outside will get skin cancer, the workmens comp insurance probably won't pay for it.