Is skylanders trap team for Wii?

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How many chapters are in Skylanders?

18 Chapters if you are talking about trap team

Is Skylanders Adventures better on PlayStation or Wii?

skylanders is better on wii

Will the Wii you skylanders giants play on a Wii?


How many skylanders games are there going to be?

Well, right now there are 7: Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure (2011) Skylanders: Spyro's Universe (2011) Skylanders: Cloud Patrol (2012) Skylanders: Lost Islands (2012) Skylanders: Battlegrounds (2012) Skylanders: Giants (2012) Skylanders: Swap Force (2013) Skylanders: Trap Team will be the 8th game, releasing on October 5, 2014.

Is Skylanders Giants available on the Wii U?

Skylanders Giants is available on the Wii U, as well as on the Wii, Xbox 360, Nintendo 3DS and the Playstation 3.

What Are skylanders?

Skylanders and SkylanderGiants can be used online and on Wii and many other devices

Should you get Skylanders Spyro's Adventure for 3DS or Wii?

I think that you should get Skylanders for the Wii, as fun as they both are, the Wii is probably better as you get a bigger screen, a portal of power and the action figures too. Skylanders is also more fun on the Wii as it is true you get more levels and powers.

Can you get dark spyro for skylanders on Wii?

Yes, although dark spyro is not sold for the wii the 3ds version will work on the wii, xbox, or any other console with the skylanders game.

Can you play Wii Skylanders on a 3DS?

no i dont think so. it is only for wii

What can you play skylanders on?

The Wii and computer as far as I know.

Can you use wii skylanders on the 3ds?

yes u can

Will skylanders from Singapore work on an Australian Wii?


Can I use a skylanders Wii U on a Wii?

No, you cannont since the original Nintendo Wii cannot play Wii U games

What are some cheats for Skylanders Spyros adventure for the Wii?

a cheat for skylanders is the hidden treasure chest in pirate seas

Will skylanders giants for Wii u work on Wii?

obviously not two different consoles man

How many chapters are there in skylanders wii?

There are exactly 30 chapters

Can 1 skylanders game be played on wii and 3ds?

I don't the answer do you

Will your 3ds portal of power work on the wii in skylanders?


Where is second soul gem on skylanders wii?

Dragons peak

Does Nintendo 3ds skylanders work on the wii game?


How many players can skylanders wii have at one time?


How many players can play skylanders on the wii at the same time?


Are there any cheats for Skylanders Spyros Adventure for the Wii if so tell them?


Can you use skylanders spryo adventures figures on skylanders giants on wii?

yes you can use theskylanders spyro's adventures figures on skylanders giants eg. you can use Terra fin in skylanders giants also you can level him up to level15!

What can skylanders spyros adventure played on?

PS3 3ds Xbox360 Wii Pc