Is slipknot murderdolls?

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No. Joey Jordison is in Murderdolls.
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Who is slipknot?

Slipknot is one of the best metal bands in the world. Listen to Psychosocial, Before I Forget, or their entire self-titled album.

What is Slipknot?

Slipknot is a "Nine-Man-Metal-Mutant-Army" (as coined by Hit Parader magazine) that originates from Des Moines, Iowa. They are a mask-wearing American Nu-Metal band that is known for their originality and unique style of music. They gained popularity with the release of their first demo, Mate. ( Full Answer )

What religion is slipknot?

Slipknot is not satanic. In fact, they don't like religion at all - hence they named a song "Opium of the People" (if you don't get it, look up some Marx quotes). There's a line in "People = ****" that sounds satanic, but only at face value.

What is a slipknot?

"A" slipknot is a knot that is tied so that pulling it makes it tighter.. Actually a slipknot is a hangermans knot used to hand people in the olden days.. Slipknot is also a metal band.

Is Slipknot Catholic?

None of the band members have religions besides one of their olderplayers being Catholic. The members don't like religion at all theyeven named a song Opium Of The People which lyrics speak of antireligion.

Who are the members of Slipknot?

0 Sid Wilson, DJ. #1 Joey Jordison, Drums #3 Chris Fehn, Custom Percussionist #4 Jim Root, Guitar #5 Craig Jones, Samples & Media #6 Shawn Crahan, Custom Percussionist #7 Mick Thompson, Guitar #8 Corey Taylor, Vocals Former member #2 Paul Gray, Bass Player (passed away in May of 201 ( Full Answer )

Where did slipknot get there name?

"Pyg System" was what they were originally gonna call themselves!!! But they agreed on Slipknot because it was their first song !!!!

What is the slipknot?

Slipknot is one of the two different classes of knot. Slipknot isalso called as running knot. It can be undone by a pull.

What religion are Slipknot?

I don't believe the band Slipknot has a religion. But based on what I've heard some people believe that Slipknot are satanic and I've heard some say their not satanic but also not religious either.

Who is maggot from slipknot?

There is no one called Maggot in Slipknot. however slipknot fans are called maggots its a semi-derogatory term but they can say what ever they want to me i dont care, on the subliminal verses track 9 called "Pulse of The Maggots" meaning that slipknot fans would die without slipknot

Is there a girl in slipknot?

No, There are no girls in SlipKnoT. There are nine men named Sid Wilson, Joey Jordison, Paul Gray, James Root, Craig Jones, Shawn Crahan, Mick Thomson, and Corey Taylor. well the last time i counted that's just eight. why don't you ask about number 5 cause Im number 5 and im a girl. I'm back f ( Full Answer )

Where do slipknot live?

GOOD QUESTION! :) i love slipknot..well umm...The Band formed in Des Moines Iowa so I'm gonna say they are from Iowa

Does slipknot rule?

Hell yeah.. They rock and if you don't think so you might want to change your mind.. MAGGOT FOR LIFE

What does slipknot mean?

A slipknot is a knot people use to hang themselves, but in music it is a Nu-Metal band consisting of nine performers, they all wear different masks and boiler suits.

Members of the band murderdolls?

Murderdolls line-up were; Wednesday 13 on vocals, Joey Jordison on Guitar, Acey Slade on Guitar, Eric Griffin on Bass and Ben Graves on Drums. Tripp Eisen (Statix-X) originally played guitar but was replaced by Acey Slade. Their record "beyond the valley of the Murderdolls" was actually recorded mos ( Full Answer )

How did Slipknot start?

"Pyg System" was their original name!!! Slipknot was the name of their first song!! They formed in 1995 !! Paul, Shawn, Joey, Anders Colsefni (ex-vocalist), Donnie Steele (ex- Body Pit guitarist), and Quan Nong, were the original members !! Do you want anymore info ??? If you do there is a w ( Full Answer )

Why is slipknot good?

How is that a question? The vocals are awesome, the guitar is awesome, the drums are awesome, everything about them is awesome. It's also one of the best genres (Nu Metal). Trying to describe Slipknot is like trying to describe how water tastes. SLIPKNOT ARE AMAZING AND ALWAYS WILL BE! Corey Taylor ( Full Answer )

Who died in Slipknot?

The bassist of Slipknot, Paul Gray, was found dead in a hotel in room in Iowa by an employee on May 24, 2010.

Is slipknot athiest?

Frontman Corey Taylor claims to be an avowed atheist, but retains afascination for ghosts which he acknowledges is a contradiction. Heis against organised religion but does not hold personal spiritualbelief against anybody, as he tries to make plain in his recentbook A Funny Thing Happened on the W ( Full Answer )

How slipknot was formed?

Just a couple of guys from des moines, Iowa had nothing to do so they formed slipknot. Then some guys left (donnie steel and Andrew confesi) and all members of slipknot you see today formed and are now the slipknot you see today.

How old are slipknot?

The band, slipknot, is 10 years old. However, the members are all in their 30's

How did slipknot meet?

They met at a homosexual youth men's conference in San Francisco in 1994. They decided it would be funny to dress up in "fake scary clothing" and get heaps of money from young kids who thought their music was "hardcore". It's quite funny really. Oh well, now they are rich. Well done to them!

Does slipknot have a dj?

slipknot does have a dj name Sidney george Wilson (also known as Sid Wilson,#0,dj starscream,ratboy,dj moonboots) he had also been in bands like soundproof coalition,ampt,izzy dunfore. background info born January 20, 1977 in des moines,Iowa genre(s) heavy metal,electronic,jungle,nu metal years acti ( Full Answer )

What are slipknots names?

Sid Wilson Joey Jordison Paul Gray Chris Fehn Jim Root Craig "133" Jones Shawn "Clown" Crahan Mick Thompson Corey Taylor

Where have slipknot played?

Slipknot have played almost all around the world. Go to the web page ( where you can see where they will tour in the future.

Is slipknot metal?

yes technically they are nu metal, which either is or isn't true metal depending on who you ask.

Who are the murderdoll members?

Wednesday 13 - vocals. Joey Jordison - guitars/backing vocals. Ben Graves - drums. Acey Slade - guitar/backing vocals. Eric Griffin - bass/backing vocals

Why does slipknot have turntables?

Because the wanted to be a whole different metal band then all the others just like why they where masks. Or its just a popularity gimmick

Does slipknot swear?

Yes they do alot, you could listen to the clean edits also if you don't want to hear the bad language.

Who can swim in slipknot?

I would imagine they all can, since they recently did a photoshoot in a water tank and nobody drowned. With Slipknot, even a 'nearly drowned' would have been news.

What is slipknot about?

They are the almighty 9 (Sic) of Nu Metal! They call there fans maggots. They're about expressing the way they feel in song. They dont sing about hell, sex or drugs. They just describe what they're feelings are. They are very misunderstood. (Their lyrics are misunderstood too) They're pure (Sic) met ( Full Answer )

Is slipknot goth?

No, they are not Gothic at all. The whole "Nu Metal'' scene is very popular among the pathetic Mall Goths (who don't know what real Gothic couture really is) just because it's dark people believe it's "Goth." Gothic Music is Bauhaus, Siouxsie & the Banshees, Virgin Prunes, and The Cure. Slipknot is ( Full Answer )

Is slipknot the bomb?

slipknot is the bomb don't listen to people who say they are gay because they are the the bomb

Who is sid of slipknot?

His complete name Sidney George Wilson and was born 20 th January, 1978 he is also recognized as Ratboy… DJ Moonboots, DJ Starscream. He is an American musician but nearly everyone around da globe know him as the turntablist of the The great metal band Slipknot who won Grammy Award His age is ( Full Answer )

Are murderdolls goths?

No, not at all. They're a hard-rock group with some influences from horror punk, but they're very much not goth.

What is ''Slipknot''?

Slipknot is a American band. They are the worlds best band. Slipknot is also a knot that you make if you are going to heng yourself.

Are slipknot anticristians?

Actually, The lead singer Corey Taylor, is a christian, and i think Joey Jordison, is also christian. so no in my opinion they are not unchristian.

What is with the Slipknot symbal?

a nine pointed pentagram to symbolize all nine members of the band in the middle the world slipknot.

What are slipknots the albems?

If you mean "albems" as albums these are there albums. Studio albums 1999 Slipknot Released: June 29, 1999 Label: Roadrunner (RR #8655-1) Format: CD, LP, CS 2001 Iowa Released: August 28, 2001 Label: Roadrunner (RR #8564-2) Format: CD , LP 2004 Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses ( Full Answer )

Is slipknot christan?

the band its self is not a Christan band nor a band of any other religion

Does slipknot have a ballad?

Yes. It's Surfacing. From their Self-Titled album. It's been call "Our International F-ing Anthem" at live shows. Stay Sic!

Is slipknot done?

yes. Corey Taylor became the singer for Stone Sour, Joey jordison became the rhythm guitarist for Murderdolls. the bass player died. idk bout tha rest

What does Slipknot do at concerts?

They mostly perform and I would imagine there is a bit of pre and post show mingling with friends and fans as well.

Did slipknot retire?

No, Slipknot has not retired. They are actually on tour right now! for tour dats visit thei facebook or Twitter page.

What is duality by Slipknot about?

duality by slipknot is about being fed up by two faced people and you feel the need to "push my fingers into my eyes its only thing that's slowly stops the ache"

Is murderdolls still a band?

Hellz Yaz they just came out with a new album called children and women last (and the Nowhere music vid is awesome Wednesday 13 just is sooo hot!!!)

Is slipknot atheast?

Out of the nine men only a few have stepped forward with theirreligious beliefs. A few members are noted to be Agnostic. Some arenoted to be Catholic as well