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No, you will feel worse because you may get a depressing high (you will be bawling your eyes out) Only do weed when you are happy.

---- == Yes. smoking, drinking or taking any drug to get over someone is bad because your not dealing with your pain or issues, just dulling them. your problems or sadness never leave, and sometimes your feeling may ruin a high or buzz and may make you do something you'll regret later. so the use of any drug to help you move on or upset is just bad in general.

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Yes. No matter how it gets into your system it affects every organ in the body. It affects the nervous system, brain, blood pressure, and blood sugar. It may contribute to lung cancer, but it does elevate the heart rate and some people have heart attacks because of it. It affects memory, can cause paranoia, anxiety, and depression. It can cause more problems for people with liver disease, low blood pressure, and Diabetes. For men it lowers sperm count and may cause the development of breasts in men.

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Is smoking weed when you have a concussion bad?

Smoking weed is bad at any time.

Is smoking weed bad for teeth?

Smoking weed is known to be bad for one's teeth. Smoking an abundance of marijuana over an extended period can cause yellowing of the teeth and even worse, tooth decay.

Weed smoking is bad for health?

Weed is actually healthy for you, google the benefits

Does smoking weed kill your singing voice?

Smoking ANYTHING is bad for your voice. Weed included.

Is smoking weed bad if you have gastritis?

yes. whenever i take weed i have bad problem

Is smoking weed bad for the baby in the first month?

smoking weed is bad in general, but yes, i wold say that smoking weed during a pregnancy should be highly avoided as it probably harms the baby.

Does smoking weed harm your lungs?

Yes, smoking weed does harm your lungs. It's not as bad as cigarettes, but since you are inhaling a hot substance, it can harm your lungs over time.

Does smoking weed cause bad skin?


Is smoking weed while pregnant bad?


Is smoking weed once a week bad?


What is bad for a turtle to eat?

smoking weed

What are the bad things from smoking weed?

Really the bad thing about smoking weed is that it makes your teeth yellow. Also it makes you have really bad breath I wouldn't smoke weed at all some say it's healthily.

Is cigerrette smoking is just as bad as smoking marijuana?

cigarettes are WORSE than weed. smoking weed does nothing to your lungs or doesnt give you cancer. weed just gets to your head. compare the number of people who died from smoking cigarettes to the people who smoke weed. NOBODY dies from weed.

Is smoking weed stems bad?

It's not bad but you should try to avoid it

Can breath smell like weed with out smoking weed?

Yes, its called bad morning breath

Can something bad happen if you experiment once in smoking weed?


Is smoking weed bad for you if your one month pregnant?

It can cause harm to the fetus. I had a miscarriage from smoking.

Is smoking weed every day bad?

no as long as u r responsible and dont choose it over more important stuff

Why is Pokemon delusional?

Well If You Stopped Smoking Weed It Wouldnt Be As Bad. . . .

Is smoking weed once every 2 months at 14 bad?

It may not hurt your body if you are smoking weed once, every two months at 14. However, it is illegal, so in that respect it is bad.

How many people die from smoking weed?

Only maybe 5 people a year die from smoking too much weed. However thousands die a year from actions resulting from smoking weed. Don't do drugs, its a bad idea

How is smoking weed for a baby bad?

i would say yes, its better to smoke weed when your brain is fully developed

How bad is it to smoke weed while pregnant or is it okay?

any smoking while pregnant is terrible. im all for weed but if your pregnant its a bad idea

Is smoking weed while water fasting bad?

No, smoking weed will not do anything to affect the fast. Although it might make you hungry and make it hard to stick to the fast.

Is smoking weed bad for an unborn baby?

god i hope your not pregnant if you have to ask that