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Is smoking weed to get over someone bad?

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2016-12-23 06:23:57


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Yes. No matter how it gets into your system it affects every

organ in the body. It affects the nervous system, brain, blood

pressure, and blood sugar. It may contribute to lung cancer, but it

does elevate the heart rate and some people have heart attacks

because of it. It affects memory, can cause paranoia, anxiety, and

depression. It can cause more problems for people with liver

disease, low blood pressure, and diabetes. For men it lowers sperm

count and may cause the development of breasts in men.

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2008-11-04 06:52:02

No, you will feel worse because you may get a depressing high

(you will be bawling your eyes out) Only do weed when you are


---- == Yes. smoking, drinking or taking any drug to get over

someone is bad because your not dealing with your pain or issues,

just dulling them. your problems or sadness never leave, and

sometimes your feeling may ruin a high or buzz and may make you do

something you'll regret later. so the use of any drug to help you

move on or upset is just bad in general.

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