Is snoring hereditary?

Yes, snoring is hereditary. Excessive snoring should be discussed with your doctor. It can cause sleep apnea. There are strips at the drug store that will expand your nasal passages and they work. Also snoring tends to keep your partner awake! See the doctor and be sure your nasal passages don't have polyps. If not get the strips.

It is not only an assumption that hereditary fact is one of snoring causes, but it is a truth. So, if you do not take proper treatment to eradicate snoring, then you are doing unjust not only with you, but also with coming generation. From you, snoring will be adopted by your children and thus, it will continue further. Your child in small age will be caught into sleep disorders due to snoring and all credit goes to you. So, it is better to show snoring an exit door before it gets too late.