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it is both a salt and an acid


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Sodium dihydrogen phosphate is an 'acid' because it is able to produce hydrogen ions when dissolved in water. It is also a 'salt' as it is an ionic compound and is formed when a hydrogen atom of the phosphoric acid is replaced by a metal ion (Na+).

A tertiary salt of orthophosphoric acid, as sodium phosphate.

Sodium hydrogen phosphate is an acid.

Yes.Monopotassium phosphate is also called potassium dihydrogen phosphate (KDP) or monobasic potassiumphosphate (MKP).Dihydrogen phosphate is H2PO4-, so it is a monopotassium salt.

Sodium Phosphate is a term that refers to any sodium salt of phosphoric acid. It is a food additive and is generally considered safe for food consumption.

i don't , it seem be an acid NaH2PO4, Sodium dihydrogen phosphate, is an acid. The two hydrogen atoms can dissociate and lower the ph of a solution. That is to make it more acidic. Once all the hydrogen atoms that can dissociate have been replaced by sodium Na. the formula will look like this Na3PO4, at that point it would be called a 'salt' with a neutral ph.

H3PO4Is phosphoric acid, a strong acid. This would have to react with a strong base, such as NaOH, to produce a salt.3NaOH + H3PO4 --> Na3PO4 + 3H2OThe salt produced is sodium phosphate.

Take either a weak acid combined with a salt of that acid, or a weak base combined with the weak hydrogen acid of that salt, can be used as a buffer. Both components of the conjugated acid/base pair should be added in about the same molar quantity (optimal capacity).Three examples:(These buffering 'acid / base' couples are called: conjugates, differing just ONE proton, H+)Acetic acid / acetate andmonohydrogen phosphate / dihydrogen phosphate anddihydrogen phosphate / phophoric acidSee the link bellow for many interesting details for the preparation of some buffer solutions.

There is are no such things as HCI or HaOH I think you mean HCl (with a lowercase L) and NaOH (with an N) What you are looking for is a partially neutralized salt of a polyprotic acid. Some possible salts include: sodium bicarbonate, NaHCO3 potassium dihydrogen phosphate, KH2PO4 lithium hydrogen phosphate, Li2HPO4 sodium hydrogen oxalate NaHC2O4 The metal ion doesn't matter much.

The chemical formula for potassium hydrogen phosphate isK2HPO4(Another salt is potassium dihydrogen phosphate: KH2PO4)

It is not an acid it is sodium salt of ethanoic acid.

Sodium phosphate is a ternary salt.

Sodium Phosphate just looks like plain ol' table salt.

Potassium phosphate is a salt.

3NaOH + H3PO4 -> Na3PO4 +3H2O The usual salt, sodium phosphate, and water.

Sodium chloride is NaCl (a salt of hydrochloric acid) and sodium carbonate is Na2CO3 (a salt of carbonic acid).

Sodium sulfite (NaSO3) is a salt of the sulfurous acid.

This salt is sodium nitrate - NaNO3.

Sodium chloride is a salt.

It is not an acid. It is a salt. It is actually the salt we call salt (sodium chloride).

Sodium bromide is not an acid at all. It is a neutral salt.

Sodium bicarbonate is a salt - NaHCO3.

Twang Pickle Salt Ingredients: Salt, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Natural Cucumber, Natural Lime, Natural Lemon and Tri-Calcium Phosphate (Flow Agent).

Sodium citrate is the sodium salt of citric acid. Sodium Citrate Dihydrate is the sodium salt of citric acid combined with 2 water molecules.

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