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It is used in dog food as a cleaning agent for the teeth, as it helps keep tartar from forming around the gum line. It is controversial as it only helps if the teeth are clean already, and it is not the best thing for dogs to ingest (or Humans). Petcurean puts in in some of there dog food formulas Now Grain Free Small Breed, does it help, I've used it for a year and a bit, dog still has tartar problems, has had her teeth cleaned by vet twice. I've gone back to Champion Pet Foods as I feel their products have better ingredients and give better results, no tripolyphosphate, and no sodium selenite. Hope this helps.

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What is the difference between sodium tripolyphosphate and potassium tripolyphosphate?

In chemical properties, there is very little difference. They are analagous to sodium chloride, table salt, and potassium chloride, sometimes used as a salt substitute. Sodium tripoly is by far the more common commercially, since it is less expensive to manufacture. Casey Donovan Does it possible use this materail(KTPP) instead of SODIUM TRIPOLYPHOSPHATE at textile process? behrooz aghamohammadi

What type of food is salt?

Salt is not a food, it is an additive, a condiment; salt is sodium chloride, NaCl.

Where does sodium live?

sodium lives in salt and a lot of food!

What food group is salt in?

it's not in either food group salt is a mineral

Is sodium in food?

yes it is in your salt and you put salt on everthing

What food has salt in it?

Salt doesn't contain any food; but sodium is necessary for life.

What is salt listed as on most food labels?

Salt is listed as sodium on food labels

Is sodium in salt?

Yes, common table/food salt is known by the chemical name 'sodium chloride' (NaCl).

What food contains the most salt?

Sodium contains the most salt of any food substance in existence.

What are the natural sources of sodium?

Almost every food is a source of sodium in the form of sodium chloride (salt). Many processed foods have additional salt added for flavor. The natural sources of sodium used for producing salt include sea salt and rock salt.

What are uses of sodium?

for flavoring food and sea salt

Why do you take sodium chloride in your food?

Salt (sodium chloride) improve the taste of foods.

What do you use sodium for?

Sodium is the Scientific name for salt. People season their food with salt, use it for cooking and it's in sea water.

What is sodium phosphate on a food label?

Sodium Phosphate is a term that refers to any sodium salt of phosphoric acid. It is a food additive and is generally considered safe for food consumption.

Where do you see sodium chloride?

The easiest and most common place to view sodium chloride is in a salt shaker. It's table salt.

Were it is found the sodium chloride in earth?

Sodium chloride is found in salt mines - former seabeds.A lot of the sodium chloride on Earth is found in seawater. They are also used in food and in industry. Sodium chloride is also known as table salt.

What is another name for sodium chloride?

Sodium Chloride, NaCl, is common salt, you would have it with your food.

Where can you find the sodium chloride at household?

Sodium chloride is also called common salt. It is the same salt you find in the kitchen and put in your food.

Is salt in evrything?

Yes. Salt, or sodium, can be found in every food. This doesn't mean that there is alot of salt in every food; there could be very less.

How can you tell how much salt is in a food?

if it is a can- look at the sodium content.

What is the chemical name for salt that you put on food?

Sodium Chloride

What food substance is sodium chloride?

Sodium chloride is a condiment for foods (NaCl); sodium chloride is an inorganic ionic salt.

How can you get salt in your food?

Salt is added to improve the taste of foods and because sodium is indispensable for the life.

What type of chemical in salt?

It depends what salt your thinking of. If your thinking about table salt (the salt we put in food) then the chemical is sodium chloride

3 items that have sodium?

The chemical symbol is Na; but a more common name for it is salt. So three items are any food items that have salt. Or you can add salt to something and then it would have sodium(Salt)