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Yes, there is a player available that can stream about 3000 tv stations from all over the world to your PC free. It costs very little and you need not pay anything at all ever after. You need no tv tuner card or satellite equipment.

The satellite tv gives stations from 78 countries absolutely free and is as simple like your media player. No more cable tv charges. Even radio staions are available on this net. you can review also for learning more about this

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What are the most channels I can get with a Satellite Receiver?

There are over 350 channels available from satellite television. Depending on the company you choose to go with you can a wide variety of channels such as pay per view, sports, movies etc.

What is satellite receiver?

A satellite receievr, is a tv receiver, which connects to the satellite anntena, than to your tv, and decodes the information coming from the satellite signal into video and audio signal, so you can watch tv channels.

What is needed to tune into HD channels?

To tune into HD channels there a a variety of methods available to consumers. These include a digital set top box, a digital antenna, a satellite receiver or a QAM tuner built into the television.

Do satellite TV providers supply the satellite dishes?

Yes, satellite TV providers provide all the hardware when one subscribes to their service. The hardware usually includes a satellite dish, a receiver box with a personal video recorder, a remote and the satellite TV service.

How does dreambox work?

Dreambox works like all satellite tv receivers work. It decodes the signal coming from the satellite and allows you to watch satellite tv channels on your tv. You connect the dreambox to your satellite antenna, than connect it to your tv, and do an auto scan, and you can watch satellite tv channels on your tv. Almost all Dreambox are HD, so you can watch HD channels using dreambox receiver. Dreambox is a more advanced satellite receiver, allowing users to gain more control over the receiver and uses advanced softwares and ecryptions. This is why it is considered to be among the best satellite tv receivers.

What is a FTA receiver used for?

An FTA Receiver, or Free-to-Air receiver is a satellite television receiver that people use to get free television programming. FTA receivers are not able to get all of the channels that a typical satellite TV company like DIRECTTV offers. Channels HBO, Showtime, and some sports packages, are solely subscription based and not offered through FTA receivers. Channels ABC, NBC can however, be watched using an FTA receiver. FTA receivers are best used in more urban areas.

Do you need an aerial for satellite tv?

A aerial antenna is used most commonly for off air channels-mainly local channels if you are in a close enough range. Satellite dishes are installed outside and then a receiver/tuner attached to your tv

What equipment is needed to broadcast an HD channel on TV?

The kind of equipment that you need in order to receive HD channels on your television set, is cable box receiver, or a satellite receiver and a satellite dish for one single television set.

How do you hook up a digital converter to a satellite receiver in order to get local channels you have to pay extra for through direct tv.?

Why would you need to hook up a digital converter to a satellite receiver ? Arn't they already digital ?

How can i update my linksat satellite receiver?

How can i update my link sat satellite receiver

What is a satellite receiver?

A satellite TV receiver is needed in order to view satellite programming. Additionally, a satellite dish is needed in order for the receiver to decode digital signals which then allows you to watch TV.

What does a Freestat receiver do?

Freestat receivers supposedly allows one to watch premium channels through a special box without paying for premium channels. Freestat works through a satellite system.

Where can one determine what kind of satellite TV receiver they need?

Each satellite TV company has its own receiver boxes produced by major manufacturers. As such, it is the satellite company itself that determines the kinds of receivers available. Purchase or rental of the makes/models can be obtained by contacting the satellite provider.

Why rain affect satellite?

The satellite is in space, the satellite receiver is on Earth. The rain is in the atmosphere between the satellite and the receiver. The more rain, the more of the signal from the satellite will be used up by the atmosphere on its way down instead of reaching the receiver.

Why do LNB's have to be mounted close to the satellite dish?

The LNB takes the signal reflected off the dish, sends that signal through the coax cable to the receiver, where the receiver decodes the signal unlocking the channels you subscribe to.

Is use of fta satellite receiver legal?

yes as long as you watch the free channels only, if you change the firmware and watch dishnetwork then it's illegal.

What is the pin code for watching pay channels in hot bird satellite with srt 4650 strong receiver in Iran?

hustler key in the sat sirus

What does a freeview satellite receiver allow me to do that other types don't?

The Freeview Satellite offers over 3,500 channels and other special offers. This website was useful for me Most satellites do the same thing there prices just very

What are all the channels you will be able to view with a converter box?

Any television receiver, whether a converter box or an integrated receiver in a television will only be able to receive channels that are being broadcast on the platform that the receiver is designed to use. Worldwide, there are thousands of broadcasters with many thousands of channels. The answer to the question is to look up the output from local broadcasters to see what is available.

What is a FTA Satellite Receiver?

It is a free to air receiver, used for picking up free satellite signals.

What are direct television receivers used for?

Direct Tv Receivers are used to access cable or satellite channels. Usually when you order satellite or cable the company gives you a receiver to use. You can pause, record and do other things on the receiver which tend to cost 5 to 10 dollars per month.

How do you connect an outside antenna to your satellite receiver to get local channels?

Most of these receivers are being made without a external antenna connector (HD tuner) now.

Would anyone instruct on searching channels using a satellite dish?

Sure no problem, you can Live chat us at and we can help you out. We specialize in helping people scan channels with their satellite dish, help you understand what satellites out there are to be aimed at in your regional location and what they offer, depending on what type of receiver you have.

Can you watch adult channels through beetel receiver?

you cant see any type of adult channel in india except you dont have c band satellite receiver which need money ant time to install and space

Is a HD tv satellite receiver the best available?

HD tv satellite receivers receive the best quality picture for satellite tv. They are a great purchase if you are willing to pitch in a little extra money.