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Location, Location, Location.

If you're on a major river, Hydro is great (as long as it doesn't interfere with the environment too much).

On the other hand, Solar is avail anywhere the sun shines.


Hydro is preferable, it is much more efficient, however Solar is more versatile, so yeah, it is very dependent on Location. Hydropower can work throughout the day and night, and can get you much more energy. Solar on the other hand needs to store power in various ways during the day to provide 24 hour service.

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Q: Is solar power better or is it hydro power?
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What are antonyms of hydro power?

Hydro power means powered by water. Solar power would be an antonym.

What are the 2 sources of energy?

hydro power, solar power

How is hydro power better than wind power?

Hydropower is a more consistent and reliable source of renewable energy compared to wind power, which relies on wind availability. Hydropower also has the ability to store water in reservoirs for peak demand periods, providing better control over electricity generation. Additionally, hydropower tends to have a longer lifespan and can contribute to flood control and irrigation.

Why solar energy better then hydro power?

Solar energy is considered better than hydropower in some cases because it is more accessible and versatile, as it can be implemented on a smaller scale and in various locations. Solar energy also has lower environmental impacts, as it does not disrupt river ecosystems or require large dams that can lead to habitat destruction and displacement of communities. Additionally, solar panels have a longer lifespan and lower maintenance costs compared to hydroelectric infrastructure.

Is solar power more or less expensive than hydro power?

no no it is not

What are examples of developed resources?

wind power,hydro power,solar power,uranium,petroleum

Give three more examples of renewable energy resources?

Three more examples of renewable energy resources include wind power, geothermal energy, and hydropower. Wind power harnesses the energy generated by wind turbines to produce electricity, geothermal energy utilizes heat from beneath the Earth's surface to generate power, and hydropower generates electricity by harnessing the energy from flowing water.

Where are the sustainable sources?

The renewables are Tidal energy, Wind power, Solar power and Hydro electric power

What are some examples of developed resources?

wind power,hydro power,solar power,uranium,petroleum

What is better solar power or windmills?

solar power because it better!!

Which energy can be renewed?

Wind, tidal, wave power, solar energy, biomass, hydro power

Can energy be renewable?

Wind, tidal, wave power, solar energy, biomass, hydro power