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Is sperm a disease?

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Sperm is an essential part of being a human. Sperm is how your genes are passed on during sex to make a baby that has your traits.

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Can you get a disease from eating your own sperm?


Can you get a disease from dead sperm?

If the sperm is completely dry, with no blood, there is little risk.

How can you treat a virul disease?

do it with your mom and dad. then you get sperm

What certain disease can a girl get from swallowing sperm?


Is swalloing sperm is harmfull?

Not at all.unless he, or it for that matter has a disease

Do you produce sperm with kidney disease?

Kidney conditions have no effect on the production of sperm. However nutrient deficiencies can lower the number of sperm produced.

What does sperm do in a human body?

Sperm is created in the testicles & is a small part of the ejaculate when a Male becomes aroused. Most Males will produce sperm from Puberty (10-12 years) for the rest of their life. Sperm is as natural as tears, blood or saliva. If sperm passes into a fertile woman it can cause pregnancy, but other than that it is just another harmless human bodily fluid, nothing special about it. If the male is unhealthy or Infected with a disease, the sperm is a wonderful fluid for growing disease & can pass that disease on to others through the sperm and ejaculate.

Can you catch a disease if sperm is in your anus?

Yes if the person has a STD.

Is sperm harmful to your digestive system?

No, not unless your partner has a disease

What would happen to the sperm whale if a disease killed all the seals?

The sperm whale would die if a disease killed all the seals. This is because these animals have a relationship with each other.

How often does a man produce sperm a day?

Men produce sperm continuously from puberty onwards as long as there is no illness or disease.

What are the two ways that bacteria cause disease?

sperm in yo face

Does making sperm cause disease?

No, it is a natural process that all male animals do.

Is there any bad impact on health if a woman eats a man's sperm?

Not unless he has a disease.

Can you get a disease from a guy that put sperm in your rectum?

If he has a STD, yes. Always use protection.

Can you get diseases if you sallow your on sperm?

No you can't transmit a disease to yourself but you can transmit it to someone else if you are a carrier of a disease . It might. It all depends if the carrier has an STD.

What happens if you are a guy and get you sperm in your own butt?

Nothing happens unless the semen contains a disease.

Will a girl get herpes if she swallows a boys sperm?

yes she can but only if the boy as the disease and she can not get pregnant from swallowing

If a guy eats sperm what will happen?

If its your own sperm: nothing. If it's someone elses', you can contract an Sexually Transmitted Disease. Use appropriate STD protection measures.

Can you eat your sperm cause any disease?

Yes, you can eat sperm but certain diseases such as Herpes can exist only in your reproductive system. They can then be transmitted to the mouth as oral Herpes.

Can bleeding kill sperm cells?

No. Blood does not kill sperm cells. However, if a woman is menstruating, she cannot get pregnant. But blood can carry disease, so use protection.

Is sperm cell clean to eat?

The cell does not contain any disease but the accompanying seminal fluid may.

Can a 8 year old have sperm if they havent grown puberty hair?

No, not unless they have some sort of disease.

What will happen if you eat your sperm?

While it's strange to desire to consume one's own spermatozoa, I'll humor you. Unless you have some form of genital disease/STD, then you will simply ingest the sperm, and presumably the semen. If you are suffering from some form of genital disease/STD, then it's quite possible that consuming your own sperm will result in a spread of the infection, which would be bad. If you want to ingest your own sperm and you're clear of infections, then knock yourself out. If you are suffering from infections, I'd urge you not to eat your own sperm.

What happens if sperm gets ejaculated in condom?

The whole purpose of using a condom is that the condom will contain any sperm that is ejaculated into it. This is a protection against either pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease.

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