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Well, think of it like this: Do you "feel it" in your butt when you are climbing stairs? I suppose everyone climbs stairs a little differently. Some might use their butt more than their upper legs to lift themselves up. But as long as you are feeling it in the muscles, its working. The general idea of exercising is this: If your muscle feels fatigued after about 10 to 12 reps, it's working you out in a healthy way. More input from FAQ Farmers: * I've heard yes. It is also good for toning calf muscles and hamstrings. Squats are also a good buttock exercise.

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Q: Is stair climbing a good buttock exercise?
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After knee replacement should you avoid using stairs?

If you are going to avoid stair climbing after your knee replacement then it is not good. One of the main reason people go for knee replacement is to have full freedom active life style. Also another thing to be considered is stair climbing should not be used as an exercise protocol vigorously. Having said that early rehab protocol to achieve stair climbing helps people so much in long run. Hope it helps!

Does climbing stairs for exercise affect the knees of old women?

Climbing stairs is a very good work out! If you do not have very strong knee joints, I would suggest taking something like cod liver oil. This is very good for keeping strong healthy joints. Keep climbing stairs, and the more you do, the easier they will become. (Try not to over-do it though!) =) Alex, 17. Older people should get an evaluation from their physician and fitness trainer to make sure that they are ready to take up stair climbing as an exercise. This is particularly important for people who have been sedentary or have had injuries previously. Start with short sessions of stair climbing and gradually increase the duration and intensity as the muscles and joints get more conditioned. -Eliza8

Where can one find a good stair jump exercise program?

Jenny Craig has great programs that involves stair jump exercise. If you go to a Jenny Craig center, a coach will help find the best program for your specific needs.

Are leg lifts a good exercise for someone with osteoporosis?

Leg lifts are good exercises for increasing strength and flexibility; however they are not the best exercises for people with osteoporosis. In that case, weight-bearing exercises are more appropriate; examples include walking, jogging, stair climbing, dancing and tennis.

What is stair tread?

You must mean a stair "tread": the horizontal board, or structural member - of whatever material - that you step on climbing a stairway; a good carpentry book will advise you how to construct them.

What are elliptical trainers?

It is a stationaryexercise machine used to stimulate stair climbing walking or runnin without excessive pressure to the joints.It is a good cardiovascular workout.

Choosing Home Gym Equipment for Cardio Health?

If you are looking for new fitness equipment for your home, treadmills and stair climbers are both good options. A treadmill will be best for someone who is overweight or a beginner. Walking on a treadmill is less stressful on the joints and treadmills are more adaptable to different levels of exercise. If you are looking for more of a challenge, you could try a stair climbing machine. Be aware that stair climbers may not be for everyone, especially those who have knee or mobility problems.

Which exercise machines are the best?

I would suggest the ones that imitate things we do naturally, like running/walking on treadmills. Climbing stair ones are good too, since they build up stamina and the legs as well. Anything else than that I would consult the gym trainer about.

Which types of exercise machines build cardiovascular fitness?

Exercise machines that are good for cardio include treadmills, rowing machines, elliptical trainers, arc trainers, exercise bikes, and stair climbers just to name a few.

What does the nordictrack elliptical do?

Nordictrack is a recognized brand made with quality in mind. The elliptical can be used as a stair climbing motion as well. It offers a good workout on a quality product if that is your goal.

What kind of exercise can you do for thicker legs?

Squats build up your glutes and quads very nicely. Climbing stairs is good and is also good for the heart/lungs.

Because steady resistance is offered by the water freestyle swimming is a good example of exercise?

Water freestyle swimming is a good example of isotonic exercise. Other examples of isotonic movements include rock climbing, lifting weights, and cycling.

What is a good brand of stair stepper?

Stairmaster is by far the premier stair stepper manufacturer followed by Stamina, Impex, Sunny Twister and Mini Stair stepper, a lightweight portable machine.

Why are pygmy marmoset good at climbing?

They are so good at climbing, because of their sharp nails that they have on four of their five phalanges.

How do Horizon ellipticals compare to other brands of exercise equipment?

An elliptical machine is considered by many fitness experts to be a good choice because they offer the movement of a stair stepper and treadmill combined.

What is a climbing legume?

Peas and beans would be good examples of climbing legumes

What activities are a good form of exercise?

Walking, running, swimming, jogging, bicycling, gymnastics, pilates, weight lifting, dancing, climbing, surfing, skiing.. Anything really :)

At what are pandas good?


What can vitamins are good buttock?

There are no vitamins specifically to help buttocks. If you mean injections, yes , B-12 goes into the upper outer quadrant of either buttock, where the muscle is most dense.

What are the equipment used for rock climbing?

good rock climbing shoes, a harness, and a helmet.

What are koalas good at?

Koalas are particularly good at climbing.

What are some good exercises to do at home for rockclimbing?

You could build a small climbing wall, it doesn't have to be high just make it steep (overhang) I cut laps upsidedown in my shed on exposed ceiling trusses, one lap is 10 metres. The best exercise is to go climbing!

What is particularly good exercise for women?

One exercise that is particularly good for women is exercise involving the elliptical machine. Another good exercise for women is any type of yoga exercise.

What is the meaning of surefooted in mountain climbing?

I think it's Someone who's good at climbing mountains

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