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A little bit.

stale bread is lighter as it hasn't got as much air in it.

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Why is stale bread heavier than fresh bread?

Stale bread is NOT heavier than fresh bread. Stale bread is caused by age, light, and lack of moisture, none of which contribute to the bread's weight; if anything, they will cause the bread to lose weight, thanks to the loss of moisture. Even when bread gets moldy, it does not gain weight, since the molds consume the ingredients. My guess is that the asker is confusing weight with the hard feel of stale bread, which, BTW, is used in many recipes, including bread pudding, onion soup, etc. In other words, "stale" does not mean "bad".

Is bread dough heavier than cooked bread?

Bread dough will probably be heavier than cooked bread because when it is cooked and heated it will lose water as it evaporates.

Why is bread heavier than toast?

moisture is lost when the bread is toasted

Does bread stale faster in the refrigerator?

No, bread takes longer to go stale when refrigerated. WRONG. Bread in fact becomes stale at a quickened rate once placed in the fridge. Why? ... retrogradation. Essentially the process of the starch molecules present slowly crystallizing. result ---> bread becomes stale nearly 6 times faster than room temp bread. Low temperatures slow down chemical reactions. So refridgerating the bread will stave of bacteria longer, but will make it stale faster, b/c crystallization is a physical change.

Why a stale egg is less dense than a fresh egg?

Because the in the egg have a life

Why do crescent rolls have to be refridgerated?

They will go stale alot faster than plan old loaf bread.

How quickly does bread go stale when it is left out of the bag?

Within hours. Same with cookies. If you leave a sandwich out in room temperature for a few hours. It will be stale when you go to eat it. The amount of time varies with the temperature and humidity of the room. A humid room will stale bread slower than in a drier, cooler room.

How are salt water marshes different than fresh water marshes?

Salt water is different because it is heavier than fresh water.

Why does fresh water float on top of saltwater?

because the salt water ie heavier than fresh water

Does bread go stale faster in a bag or out in air why or why not?

Bread enclosed in a moisture proof bag can go moldy faster than out in the air or in a breathable bag, however bread exposed to air does dry out.

Why do the Chinese people eat so much fresh food?

I'd imagine that everyone would rather, eat fresh, more than stale food. Fresh foods are more healthier.

Do bread boxes keep bread fresh longer?

yes, for about 2-3 more weeks than putting your bread in a freezer

Is salt water heavier than fresh water?

Yes, it is the reason is the salinity in the salt water makes it heavier. It makes it so heavy that it sinks and the fresh water gets pushed to the top

Why is a pound of bread heavier than a pound of gold?

gold is measured 14 ounces to a pound bread is measured 16 ounces to a pound

Is bread heavier than toast?

yes It is because the toast has lost its water by being dried(toasted).

What bread gets moldy the fastest?

Fresh bread gets moldy because it is not full of the preservatives that bread in a bag contains. Wet or moist bread obviously molds faster than dry bread,

What temperature keeps bread fresh the longest?

I believe that if you keep bread in the freezer, it will last longer than if it was at room temperature or if it was in the fridge.

How many slices of bread is 3.8 g?

The question is difficult to answer. Thicker bread slices will be heavier than thinner slices off the same type if bread, Different types of bread of the same slice thickness, such as white bread, whole grain bread, will not have the same weight.

Can you substitute margarine for shortening in banana nut bread?

Yes! We tried it in the classroom today with an equal substitution amount and the bread was a little heavier than normal, but still wonderful!

How long will bread stay fresh and safe to eat?

Bread will never be as fresh as the day it is made. To keep bread "fresh" for more than a day, preservatives and dough conditioners will be needed. Shelf life will depend upon several things, including: the formulation, quality of ingredients, processing conditions, handling, and storage. Unless the bread becomes moldy, it can be safe to eat even when it dries out.

How do you make bread last longer?

Bread freezes quite well, and defrosts quickly, so freezing is a good way to keep bread fresh longer than if it is left out at room temperature.

Why do some things float in salt water but not in fresh water?

Because salt water can carry more objects than fresh water because the salt in the water makes the water heavier, and because fresh water has nothing in it so it's less heavier. Water cannot carry something heavier than itself. This heaviness is called density, and is the mass of the water in a particular volume of water. Pure fresh water has a density of 1g/mL, which means each milliliter of water has a mass of 1 gram. Anything that has a density greater than 1g/mL will sink in fresh water. The density of salt water is greater than 1g/mL, so anything that has a density less than the salt water will float on it, including fresh water.

Are neutrons heavier than protons?

no, protons are heavier than neutrons and electrons, but the nucleus is heavier than protons.

Is copper heavier than steel?

Yes, copper is heavier than steel.

Is the phrase That joke is as stale as last weeks bread a simile or a metaphor?

It is a simile as it is describing the joke as last week's breakfast rather than saying it 'is' last weeks brekfast

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