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no he is not Katy perrys real name is katherene Hudson

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Katy Perry doesn't have a son.

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What is Bradley Steven Perrys msn?

come to turkey bradley steven perry?

When is Bradley steven perrys birthday?

Bradley Steven Perry is 12 years old and is going to be 13 on November 23rd.

Where do Bradley Steven perrys parents come from?

They both come from California like Bradley Steven perry but then they moved over to Los Angeles.

Is bradley steven perry joe perrys son?

No they just have the same last name

Is steven bradley perry Katy Perrys son?

yes he is so don't say i am wrong.

Is bradley Steven perry related to Steven tyler perry?

Bradley Steven Perry is related to Steven Tyler Perry. Do anybody think that I am kidding?

What year at school is bradley steven perry in?

What year in bradley steven perry in

Is Bradley Steven Perry related to Tara Perry?

No, Bradley Steven Perry and Tara Perry aren't related.

Is bradley steven perry katy perrys child?

Nope she doesn't have children...YET(or not) but her real name is Katy Elizabeth Hudson so she can't be related to bradley.

When was Bradley Steven Perry born?

Bradley Steven Perry was born on November 23, 1998.

Does Bradley steven perry were socks?

Bradley steven perry is hot and I want to suck his dick.

Does Bradley steven perry have any Siblings?

Yes Bradley Steven Perry has three older sisters.

Does Bradley Steven Perry play in Freaky Friday?

No, Bradley Steven Perry does not play in Freaky Friday.

What shoe size does Bradley Steven Perry wear?

Bradley Steven Perry shoe size : 8

Who is sexier Jake T Austin or bradley steven perry?

bradley steven perry is sexier <3

Does brandley steven perry have a girlfrend?

Does bradley steven perry have a girlfrend

Is Steve perry from journey related to Bradley Steven perry from Good Luck Charlie?

Is Bradley Steven Perry is related to Steve perry from journey

Where was Bradley Steven Perry born?

Bradley Steven Perry was born November 23, 1998 in New Jersey.

Is Bradley Steven Perry dating Sabrina Carpenter?

yes Bradley Steven Perry and Sabrina Carpenter is together

What underwear does bradley steven perry where?

Bradley Steven Perry wears boxersHe is 12 peopleWho doesn't know that

Is Bradley Steven Perry's last name really Perry?

Yes, Bradley Steven Perry's last name is Perry.

Is bradly steven perry Katy Perrys son?

No, but he is her brother.

When is Bradley Steven Perry birthday?

Bradley Steven Perry's Birthday is on November 23, 1998.

Does Bradley Steven Perry have a girlfriend 2014?

EndWho is Bradley Steven perry's 2014 girlfriend

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