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Q: Is stunt peg makes the bike safer?
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What stunt pegs will fit a zinc freak scooter?

Rats stunt peg

What is the best peg bike to buy?

Shadow conspiracy little one pegs could be the best peg to buy. These are great peg and they're really good, durable, unlike the earlier pegs which are made from aluminum, if you want to start grinding, get these peg, you won't regret it.

Why is it safer to hold the food with a peg instead of with the hand over the lighted candle?

because if you use your hand it could get burnt

How do you take a stunt peg of a bmx?

You need a socket wrench with an extender and the right size socket. Any one who work with cars is likely to have one.

what is the purpose of PEG?

Trick riding. The pegs can be used to stand on, or the bike can be jumped to land with the pegs on a rail or a ledge for grinds.

How do you install stolen thermalite pegs?

It depends....... do you have a 14mm axle? And I am going to assume the peg is already 14mm, because it is from Stolen, and it is quality stuff. If the sizes are the same, then take the bolt off of the axle you want the peg on, slide the peg on, and screw the bolt on. This will require a socket wrench with an angled attachment. If you don't have one, you can visit your local bike shop and ask to use theirs. Then just get on your bike and shred!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you organize your garage so that everything is off the floor?

You will need some shelvings and wall-storage. These organizers are such as peg boards with metal pegs for you to hang your tools on, and bike racks for bike storage.

What is a violin peg called?

a peg. or a tuning peg

Donald Fagen and peg who is she?

Peg is his mom Peg Canales.

Why are the pequod's planks dented?

because Ahab's peg leg makes marks as he walks across them

Is peg leg a noun?

Leg is a noun but peg describes it. Peg is an adjective.

What are all the pegasus Beyblade?

well i know there is storm peg cyber peg galaxy peg storm peg big bang peg i herd there was a fire peg but you have to mix it together (please correct me if i'm wrong)

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