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No, since it forms a covalent bond, crystals do not have an orderly shape.

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Q: Is sugar an orderly crystalline structure?
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A metal has a crystalline structure which means its atoms are arranged .?

in a compact, orderly pattern

What is a crystalline solid-?

Crystalline solids are a class of solids that have regular or nearly regular crystalline structures. This means that the atoms in these solids are arranged in an orderly manner. Examples of crystalline solids are sugar, sugar candy, or rock candy.

When ions arrange themselves in an orderly structure what is that structure known as?

These compounds forms large crystalline lattices.

Could sugar have a crystalline structure?

yes but it is weak in its bonding

Particles have an orderly arrangement in this type of solid.?

crystalline solids

What are two structures for solids?

I think you are talking about a crystalline solid and an amorphous solid. Crystalline solid-atoms are arranged in a well-defined three-dimensiona structure. Ex. diamond Amorphous solid-no orderly structure. Ex. rubber dana from ms

True or false the phrase crystal structure refers to the repeating patterns in which atoms are arranged in a crystal?

False. In a crystalline structure, atoms are in an orderly arrangement.

Does gold have a crystalline structure?

yes , commonly occurring solids such as salt,sugar,quartz, and metals are crystalline. --foundations of college chemistry 13th ed, (pg 6)

Why is glass marble not considered a mineral?

In order to be a mineral, substances need to have fixed internal crystalline structure. Natural glass does not.

What is the crystalline structure of Ar?

Ar, argon is an inert gas and does not have a crystalline structure.

What is it calles when a solid does not have a orderly arrangement of particles?

Most solids do not have an orderly arrangement of particles: these are non-crystalline solids.

What is a naturally inorganic solid with an orderly crystalline structure and a definite chemical composition?

That's a definition of "mineral". Minerals include lots of different things, from calcium to iron to quartz.