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Is sugar good for you?

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Yes sugar is good for you(only if you can't eat it then it's bad). It gives you a boost of energy, but it would bring you right down. So having too much sugar is bad for your suger is not good for you. what is better for your teeth is fruit. well i hope this helps you answer your question.

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what is good blood sugar level?

what is a good sugar level

is a 165 a good sugar levels ?

is 165 a good sugar level

Does watermelon have sugar?

Yes, a watermelon does have sugar and that sugar is good sugar for our bodies.

What is a good sugar substitute?

HoneyIf you mean as a sweetener, stevia is a good sugar substitute.

Is custard good for dogs?

Probably not, because custard has sugar, and sugar is not good for dogs.

is a fasting blood sugar of 110 good ?

is a fasting blood sugar of 110 good

Is sugar cane good for you?

I dont nessisarily think that sugar cane is good for you it might taste good but it is not healthy.

What is in the food you eat?

Sugar can be bad or good for you there is natural sugar and bad sugar which has been prosiest. Also there is fibre which is very good for you.

In what way is sugar good for you?

sugar is actually really good for u tynan brown eats too much brown sugar

What does sugar do in sugar cookies?

makes it taste good

How is sugar good for you?

Sugar is good for you. It has a special chemical inside it. It could give you heat. Enjoy!!

Is sugar good for us?

Sugar is good for us if it is natural sugar found in fruits and other foods. Table sugar and other forms of extracted sugars have little, very little, nutritive value and are not good for us.

Why do marshmallows taste so good?

They taste good because of the sugar. The sugar makes it sweet and taste SO good.

Can you Substitute regular sugar for confectioner's sugar?

It's not a good idea. Confectioner's sugar is powdery and regular sugar is grainy. If you are topping something with confectioner's sugar it would be a good idea to go buy some.

What is a good substitute for beets?

Cane Sugar or Turbinado Sugar, also Date Sugar as well as Beet Sugar

Is soda good if your sugar is high?

No, soda is packed with sugar.

What is a good slogan for the sugar act?

"The Sugar Act is Bittersweet."

What is a good blood sugar in the morning when you wake up?


Is granulated white sugar good?

Its good but not good for u

Is jam good for you?

no added sugar jam is but if it is not no added sugar jam then it has a ton of sugar in which is bad for you.

Can you use brown sugar in a cake instead of sugar?

Sugar is sugar- it won't ruin the recipe but might not taste as good.

Why is sugar good for you?

Sugar is very good for you because it makes you feel happy! I personally love sugar because it makes me more phyco than usual.

Is Icing sugar good for you?


Can a Diabetic take Muscovado sugar?

is muscovado sugar good for diabetics

What sweetener can you substitute for sugar?

Stevia is a good and natural sugar substitute.