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Is sun a natural resource?


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October 19, 2011 3:12AM

Yes, the sun is a natural resource. The sun is a natural thing, a part of nature. A resource is a thing that we use to support our lives that we depend on for what we need to live. The sun gives the Earth heat for our warmth and the warmth for plants and other animals to live and grow. The heat and light warms the air creating the air currents and winds, and creating the cycles of the seasons. The sun is one of the most powerful resources for humans.

The sun has the potential of providing what our modern societies demand for power to operate our societies and all of the things we use to live our daily lives. The sun is a resource that humans have yet to discover how we can use its power in place of depleting the resouces that lie in the earth. Aboriginal societies around the world that had survived into the twentieth century knew how to use nature, the seasons, and the power of the sun to sustain their lives. The twenty first century is the time for modern humans to learn the lessons of these societies to sustain our modern style lives. The sun is one of the most important resources to do that.