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You would normally think that supersonic was a rip off of the Dragon Ball Z's super saiyan but it isnt. Lets start with apperence, supersonic turns from blue fur with green eyes to yellow hair and red eyes. Super saiyan goes from the saiyans hair color to yellow with green eyes. Make a note however that supersonic is yellow all over while super saiyan is only yellow on the top of his head. The eye color i also apperent here. Supersonic's eyes are red while a super saiyans is green. Now onto ablities. Supersonic gets a 1000% power and a 1000% speed increase, invincibility, chaos powers and automatic flight but this form has a time limit though after reverting back to normal sonic he is at top physical condition no matter what state he was in prior to the transformation. Super saiyan is a 500% power increase and another 500 per form. notice how the power increase is the only thing a super saiyan gets compared to supersonic. so in conclusion supersonic is not a rip off of super saiyan

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Q: Is super sonic a rip off of super sayian?
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