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Surgery is the recommended course of action for hernias. To control the hernia a binding device may be used. This binding would hold the hernia in while doing exercises and would prevent the hernia from getting larger.


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To have surgery or it'll get bigger.

No, it is not the cure way but it is the BEST way.

Mesh carries complications of pain in about 30 percent of hernia surgeries. A hernia is the bulging of the intestine or fat that pushes its way through a weak point of the body.

Yes, but unfortunately the only way I know of is through surgery. :( Sorry...

Some high dangers with a gastric bypass surgery are, bleeding, infection, bloodclots. Some low dangers are, gallstones, hernia and vomiting. The best way is to ask your Doctor of the dangers.

Hernias are so common that some where around 500,000 surgeries are performed each year in the country to repair them. Hernias happen when the innermost layers of the muscles in the abdomen weaken. This causes the lining of the abdomen to protrude and form a sac. At this point, either abdominal tissue or part of the intestine can push their way into that sac. Hernias usually manifest in the groin area where it is known as an inguinal hernia; as an umbilical hernia in the navel; or at the spot of an incision from surgery. Almost all hernias are the inguinal type and surgery is the most common way to repair them. This is the best way to prevent complications like having a loop of the intestine become so tightly caught up in the sac that the blood supply is cut off to that section of intestine. The object of inguinal hernia surgery is to remove the hernia sac. A few stitches may be required to close the opening that has been left near the abdominal cavity. Normally, a patch made of mesh is attached in order to make the wall of the abdomen stronger so that the hernia will not come back. Using the patch makes it about half as likely the hernia will recur than if the open were merely stitched closed. The surgery can be performed as an open surgery or a laparoscopic surgery. For an inguinal hernia, open surgery requires a large incision at the point where the abdomen meets the thigh. If the surgery is performed laparoscopically, four or five very small incisions are made around the hernia rather than one long incision. A tiny scope with a video camera attached, called a laparoscope, is put into one of these incisions, allowing the surgeon to view the hernia on a video screen. The other incisions are used to insert the tools required to fix the hernia just as is done during an open surgery. Laparoscopic surgery is a much better options because the recovery time is much shorter and there is less pain after the operation. In fact this type of surgery is done on an outpatient basis, allowing the patient to go home within a few hours.

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It is now considered that it is better not to have surgery if a hernia is small and painless. Up to 30 percent of groin hernia operations can lead to long-term pain or disability.Nowadays it's a question of weighing up the pros and cons of living with a hernia compared with the risk of the surgery going wrong. If a hernia is causing no problems, it can be safely left alone.If you have a reducible hernia (this means that the hernia can be pushed all the way back in) you may benefit from wearing a hernia support. You should choose one that is guaranteed to securely hold the hernia in all positions of the body and during all activities. Keeping a hernia in may prevent it from getting larger, and some individuals have reported that small hernias have disappeared.

That would depend on the severity of the hernia. Many people have hernias that do not effect them by much. The actual flying should not effect you in any way, just be sure not to strain yourself.

Not entirely sure, but I think there is a belt that can be worn to do so.

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The original answer was almost entirely incorrect. In addition to the bulge and pain caused by a hernia, a variety of other symptoms can be involved. Digestive issues such as bloating, nausea, and reflux can occur due to to the intestines becoming partially or completely trapped within the hernia, even without an evident bulge. Surgery is the only way to repair a hernia. If you suspect you have a hernia which is causing digestive symptoms, see a doctor. A strangulated hernia (where the intestine becomes irreducibly trapped in the hernia) is a medical emergency.

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externally just a lump on the skin, no swelling or bruising and it can often be identified when you cough as the bump rises A hernia occurs when a loop of the intestine slips through the musculature in the stomach. The only way to see an actual hernia is during surgery to correct it. On the outside, the only thing that can be seen is sometimes a bump or lump looking area on the abdomen. During surgery though, a loop of intestine can actually be seen protruding in the stomach muscles.

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