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Some clame that it can help start labor if you are close to starting anyway. Not sure if this is a woman that came up with that or a man? :) I do know that sex with ejaculation does help start labor. And that orgasms are good for toning your uterus and that helps with labor. :)

  • Yes swallowing semen is not harmful to you whether you are pregnant or not and it does not help to start labor, although if your partner ejaculates in you then the hormone prostglatin that naturally starts labor is found in semen and can help start labor, also when you orgasm it causes your uterus to contract...hope this helps Good Luck and God Bless!!!
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โˆ™ 2011-04-15 20:32:53
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Q: Is swallowing sperm good for a pregnant woman?
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Is swallowing sperm if the guy dri nks good on a pregnant woman?

The alcohol is not transfered into his semen.

Sperm good or bad for pregnant woman?

If a female is already pregnant then it is irrelevant, if not, essential.

Does swallowing sperm taste good?

No! It tastes bad!

Can a girl lose weight by swallowing sperm?

No, but you could get a STD, infection or HIV.^STD's are only from oral in general not the act of swallowing sperm. Also, sperm has protein which is good.

How sperm swallowing is good for health?

its not that's just sick

Is beverage good with a pregnant woman?

A beverage is not good for a pregnant woman .

How does a sperm cell get to the egg cell?

The "tail" of a sperm cell waves back and forth enabling it to swim to the egg. When a woman and a man have sexual intercourse and the sperm that is transmitted from the mans testis is released into the woman's vagina and an egg has been released from her ovary, if this is a good egg and a good sperm cell the woman could become pregnant.

Is sperm good for pregnant woman?

It's neither good or bad. Sex is good for pregnant women though, as long as she's in the mood. The penis or the sperm will never reach the fetus.Nt bad at all...its just like drinking water while never harms...

Can you get pregnant with only 3 percent good sperm?

You can get pregnant with 1 percent good sperm ... you just tripled your chances with 3 percent.

Does Precome have sperm cells in it?

Yes, pre-ejaculate contains sperm, and it contains enough to get a woman pregnant. That's why coitus interruptus (pulling out) isn't a good form of birth control.

If the man has low sperm count and he uses the withdrawal method could the woman still get pregnant?

yes all he needs is one good swimmer

Is sperm good for the female body?

It depends where the semen goes. It is only good vaginally if the woman intends to get pregnant. Orally, recent research has suggested that there may be benefits when a pregnant woman swallows semen from the father of the child during pregnancy. There might be benefits to the skin when applied there, but that is unclear.

If you are 40 year old man can you get a woman pregnant?

Men in good health can produce good quality sperm well into their senior years and men of over 60 have successfully fathered children.

What can a guy do if his sperm is no good?

not ejaculate into a woman. use a condom.

What are the chances of a woman getting pregnant by pre-ejaculate during ovulation?

Very good chance. Guess of 80%+

Sweet corn good to eat for pregnant women?

sweet corn is good for a pregnant woman to eat.

Am I going to get pregnant if we come the same time?

You could get pregnant if the sperm meets the egg and fertilize it. Sperm are very good swimmers. It only takes 1 sperm to get you pregnant. As far as the white creamy stuff, that sounds like male semen to me because I am a guy.

Is it good for woman to swallow sperm?

Its gud if ur mate enjoy that.....

Is sprem good for woman?

If she has a desire to become pregnant.

If a condom with sperm in it is left in the vagina with sperm in it can youget pregnant?

well if you're a gambler ------ odds are about as good as drawing to an inside straight.

Can you get pregnant with only 1 percent good sperm?

You can, but the lower the percentage the lower the chance.

Is drinking cold water good for a pregnant woman?

Can you get pregnant on low fertility days?

yes because you are fertile what if you had a very good motile sperm inside then there is a possibility of getting pregnant.

What does it mean if you dream a cow swallowing a pregnant woman?

If you are pregnant, this is a good example of the sort of weird dreams that are common during pregnancy, because of shifting hormones effecting your dreams. It simply expresses your feeling "as big as a cow." In other words, the cow symbolizes the pregnancy that has "consumed" your entire life.

Which food is good for a 8 month pregnant woman?

Foods that are good for a woman who is 8 months pregnant are vegetables. Foods that are high in iron such as red meat and cereals are also recommended.