Is swimming popular in Italy?


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It is not as popular as a lot of other sports so, no.

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Swimming Is a very popular sport in some areas.

i think the most popular thing in Italy is their food because is the most popular food in Italy.

tennis is quite popular in italy.

Yes, swimming is very popular in Canada.

Yes, Soccer is popular in Italy and it is popular throughout all of Europe.

one popular sport in Italy is soccer

Italy is popular for it's food. Mainly pasta & pizza.

There are a number of pets that have been quite popular in Italy. Popular pets in Italy include dogs and cats.

Italy are very into swimming aswell as soccer.

The most popular sport in Italy is soccer.

The most popular hobbie is soccer which is called football in Italy.

Soccer as we call it in America is very popular sport in Italy.

swimming is really a relatively not very known sport in the U.S. Michael Phelps made it popular though he is an enormous disgrace to the swimming world believe you me.

It isn't, Rugby and Football are the main and most popular, swimming might be popular but it isn't the main sport

it would be the freestyle the most easiest stroke in swimming

Australia views swimming as America views football.

Pasta is so popular in Italy because pasta is an Italian food.

Yes, the Italian Greyhound is very popular in Italy at this current time.

Yes swimming is popular in Canada, though it is not popular as hockey or football. As a swimmer myself, I can tell you there are over 2000 clubs in Canada sactionated in the provinces and territories.

Swimming is a very popular past time and sport. One might purchase swimming costumes from a variety of popular retailers, including JCPenney, Kohl's, Macy's, and Amazon.

Swimming became popular because it is an Olympic sport so people started to do it themselves because they got inspired by the Olympics.

butterfly would be the least popular as it is the hardest

Frontcrawl is generally the most popular swimming stroke as it is the most efficient

After spending a while in Italy i found that monroe piercings were very, very popular.

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