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Yes it is, though there are in-app purchases.

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Is synthesia free?

Yes, the piano game Synthesia is free.

How can you add songs to Synthesia?

you download the songs and put them on your desktop. Right click the file and click "play in synthesia". this will take you to the track selection. if you have Synthesia, you will know what to do from there.

How do you write your own music on synthesia?

Synthesia is a training program, not a composing or recording program. It was originally called 'Piano Hero', but had to change names under a threat of lawsuit from Activision.

Where can you get a free key for the learning pack of Synthesia 0.8.3?


Is there an online piano that tells you how to play Yankee Doodle on the piano?

i know of one. but you have to download it. it is called synthesia. look it up on google. it has a bunch of songs ranging from easy to expert or something. it is fun and it will tell you the notes

Where can you find FREE piano sheet music for plan be she said?

class piano music notes or i play piano free

Where can you play the piano for free?


Where can I get because of you - Kelly Clarkson piano sheet for free?

The best thing i do is go on youtube type kelly clarkson because of you keyboard synthesia and than write down the notes. Hope this helps! :)

Can you record songs on Synthesia?

No you cannot, not with the program. You can record Synthesia with for example Fraps or an other recording program.

What did George Gershwin do?

Write music and play the piano. He painted a little in his free time.

Is there any way to learn how to play riverdance for free on the piano?

you can go to music

What are the piano notes take a bow by rihanna on Piano?

google video type in how to play take a bow on internet and u have free tutorial

Who where the experts that play the piano?

The experts that play the piano is....

How do you play happy on piano?

How to play happy on the piano

How do you play prelude of light from ocarina of time on your piano?

The piano notes for the ocarina are D F A B D and all are white keys. The D is between the two black middle keys ,and the left of it is ABC on the white keys.To the right of it are EFG and then it starts over from A to G . So the prelude of light is: D B ,D B, A D. It might be a good idea to find a midi and play it in synthesia

Where can i find free piano sheet music for Laura Story's Blessings?

it depends on what you want it for... if u just need the music on piano but don't want to play it try you tube. also there are videos there that show the music or teach you how to play it on piano

Is there an app or a website that can convert piano sheets into videos like synthesia maybe?

You can convert piano sheets into videos on

How do you play speechless on the piano?

You get the music, learn the piece, then play it on the piano. Piano pieces must be learned ... no book can teach you how to play the piano - you must physically interact with the piano itself. It is by practicing that your will learn how to play.

How do you play the Yamaha piano?

The Yamaha piano is no different to any other piano, apart from the brand name and the writing 'Yamaha' on the piano. So the play it, just learn to play the piano!

Where can you play the piano?

You can buy a piano and play it in your house.....that's what I do!

Does Beyonce play the piano?

Yes, Beyonce can play the piano.

Does Kris Allen play piano?

yes! he does play piano.

How do you play the the lion sleeps tonight on piano?

you play it on piano

Does Pink play the piano?

yes pink does play the piano

where can I learn how to play piano better?

At first, practicing might be a pain and you might get very frustrated. As your skills grow, you will become better and playing piano will become ... Piano Lessons Learn Piano BY EAR (Free Videos Online) Lessons Online. Learn how to play the Piano or Keyboard By Ear using rhythmic patterns. This website includes Video from these powerful piano lessons.