Age of Consent & Underage Relationships

Is talk to a 17 year old girl illegal if the girl contacts you?


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Unless there is a restraining order, it is not illegal to talk to someone, regardless of age.

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No, it is not, I'm very sure that a 10 year old girl can talk to a 17 year old boy

No it isn't illegal! But it is illegal for an 18-year-old to have sex with a 15-year-old girl in many countries

It is not illegal for them to date, but is is illegal for them to have sex.

In most places, if you have sex: illegal, illegal, illegal.

I'm pretty sure that it's not though it is illegal to have sex with her

no you must be the 13 year old girl answering this because it is illegal! It is NOT illegal. Well depends on the state. It is only illegal if they're 18.

No, it is not. However, it is illegal for a 22 year old man to have sex with a 17 year old girl.

No, it is not illegal for a 14 year old and a 17 year old to date. It is illegal for them to have sexual relations.

The best way to discipline a 14 year old girl is to talk and counsel her and talk to her.

No, it is not illegal for a 15 year old boy to date an 18 year old girl in the state of Illinois. However, it is technically illegal for them to have any sexual contact.

No, that would be illegal.

Dating is not illegal as long as the minors parents are OK with it. Sex is of course illegal.

It is not illegal for a 19 year old MAN to spend time with a 15 year old girl, however it would be illegal for you to have sexual contact.

it isn't illegal but what is illegal is if she was 13.

Dating is not illegal. Having sex would be illegal.

It has never been illegal to date at any age.

no..its not.ANSWER:It is illegal for them to have a sexual relationship since she is under the age of consent.

If you know a girl in Texas that is 17 years old and she is with a 19 year old guy is it illegal

In most countries (and states of the USA), it is illegal for a 15 year old to have sex.

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