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Is tap water or bottle water better for plants?


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tap water is not that good because of chlorine. So low mineral water in bottles is better for them

the chlorine might not be that good for plants, but plants do need the minerals in tap water.


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I believe so. Tap water isn't as filtered or purified as bottle water is.

Most plants will grow better with filtered water.

They do better in distilled because tap water has chlorine that affects the plant growth. Use distilled water for better looking and healthy plants.

Bottled water is better than tap water because bottled water goes through more purification processes.

It's about the same. Most bottled water IS tap water, so any chemicals and weird stuff in tap water are in bottled water too.

b... Let me change this, bottle water IS better, but here is the reason: Tap water is un-purified water that people only drink if they dont have water bottles, water bottles are purified and they make sure you cannot get sick from them, so there's your answer.

you find a water bottle that is filled with natural spring water and tap the bottle

Bottle because if you live in a town with bad pipes it might cause your tap water to be contaminated with bacteria and parasites so its best to use bottled water my opinion is Poland spring or deer park

tap because i tried it out and it got all moldy and smelly with vitamin water.

I watched a video and it says everybody who thinks bottle water is cleaner, I think that answer is wrong. Tap water is way better!

There are a lot of different types of plants, but I recommend filtered water (fresh) for carnivorous plants and I'm guessing tap water (fresh) would be fine for normal potted plants. But make sure you don't have too many chemicals in your tap water.

I think that tap water is the best for plants. I am doing a science fair experiment and I am testing which is better: Tap water Filtered water or Carbonated water The result was tap water! Carbonated water came in second and filtered water came in last.

tap because tap water has minerals and purified doesnt because its been really cleaned and doesnt have all the nutrients that tap water has also tap water is closer to rain water which is fresh. im not saying tap water is nasty and people shouldnt drink it its fine i drink tap water because i dint have a water purifier and its fine but yea tap water it better that purified. hope i help bye :)

Because the maker of the bottled water take out all the natural minerals and the tap still have them.

well plants grow better in regular water but if they get any water they will still grow

Tap water. Acid rain contains chemicals that are not good for plant life.

bottle and tap water aren't natural and lady bugs don't drink un natural water is not what they were born up with but if ou have rainwater from at tank thant would be better........but out bottled and tap i would get tap and boil it so it is prer ....let it cool then use it for the ladybug

Well water will work best as it contains many minerals and nutrients that are filtered out of tap water.

the third best way to grow plants is to grow them in just tap water aone. the water i used for the project was tap helps plants grow faster because it contains ions.

There is said to be bacterias in tap water, but if there was really a problem wouldn't there be a bunch of sick people from drinking their tap water? Bottled water is purified, but while the price of a water bottle is about $1.30, the same amount of tap water costs about .5 cents.

Rain will better water plants because salt water has salt which will dehydrate the plant.

The rain is better than the tap water because is organic. It doesnt contain any chemicals or any bleach. Plus, it comes from heaven

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