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tap water is not that good because of chlorine. So low mineral water in bottles is better for them

the chlorine might not be that good for plants, but plants do need the minerals in tap water.

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Q: Is tap water or bottle water better for plants?
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Which is better for plants tap water or bottle water?

bottle water is better for plants

Is tap water better than bottle water?

I believe so. Tap water isn't as filtered or purified as bottle water is.

Is spring water better than tap water to grow plants?

tap water i think is better

Do plants grow better with tap or filtered water?

Most plants will grow better with filtered water.

Do plants grow better in distilled water or tap water?

They do better in distilled because tap water has chlorine that affects the plant growth. Use distilled water for better looking and healthy plants.

Is bottle water better than tap water?

Bottled water is better than tap water because bottled water goes through more purification processes.

Which water is better for plants spring water or tap water?

Spring water

Is bottled water really better then tap water?

No bottled water is just tap water in a bottle they just try to rip you of and it works

Is tap water better then bottled water for plants?

That depends if the tap water is filtered or not. Bottled water is filtered, and some tap water isn't, but if the tap water is filtered, then both kinds of water are the same healthiness to plants.

Is Tap water better for you than bottle water?

It's about the same. Most bottled water IS tap water, so any chemicals and weird stuff in tap water are in bottled water too.

What do plants grow better in salt water tap water or sugar water?

sugar water

How do you tap a natural spring?

you find a water bottle that is filled with natural spring water and tap the bottle

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