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Is tea beneficial for health?


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November 08, 2007 9:45AM

Tea is loaded flavonoids a natural class of antioxidants that are found in many natural plant-derived foods.In American diets, black tea represents probably the single biggest source of flavonoids."Antioxidants rid the body of molecules called free radicals, which are side products of damage done to the body by pollution and the natural aging process.Free radicals in the body's cells are very unstable and tend to react negatively with other important molecules like DNA, causing malfunctions and injury on the cellular level. The destruction these free radicals produce may therefore pave the way for diseases like heartdisease and cancer.In the case of heart disease, antioxidants in tea may prevent death from second heart attack by helping blood vessels relax, thereby allowing blood to flow through more easily, potentially lowering blood pressure and reducing stress on the heart.Antioxidants are thought to be behind the benefits of tea on dental health as well. A number of studies have suggested that rinsing with black or green tea may lead to better oral health. It inhibits or interfere with the attachment of bacteria to the tooth surface. Yusuf Shaikh