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Is teaching a science or an art?

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An art ANSWER Teaching has elements of both art and science. Asking effective questions so as to lead students to understanding and insight is an art, as is inspiring students to revel in the joy of learning. On the other hand, although teaching entails more than curriculum and instruction, meeting the four basic challenges of curriculum and instruction can be approached with evidence and reasoning, which are elements of science: 1. What information or skills do we want students to have as a result of the teaching-learning experience?

2. What learning-experiences should students encounter in order to reach the goals that have been set?

3. In what order should those experiences be structured?

4. How can we to determine whether -- or to what extent -- the students have reached the goals that were set? The science of teaching can be taught and learned. The art of teaching can be learned, but exactly how it can be taught does not seem to be at all clear.

2008-07-28 18:57:40
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Is teaching an art or a science?

A bit of both, in my opinion.

If teaching is compared to art what is teaching?

the art of teaching

What is Pedagogy?

It is the art and science of teaching. It relates to how teachers teach and what strategies they use in their work.

Does teaching is an art?

"Does teaching is an art?" is not a question. You could say "Is teaching an art?" but the answer to that is debatable.

A cooking activity in which children combine ingredients to make cake batter and then see how the batter becomes solid after baking is teaching the science of?

This is an example of teaching the science of Organic Chemistry.It is also an example of teaching the culinary art of baking.

Is teaching an art?

Yes art is a teaching

What has the author Kimberley Tolley written?

Kimberley Tolley has written: 'The art and science connection' -- subject(s): Activity programs, Art, Education, Elementary, Education, Primary, Elementary Education, Primary Education, Science, Study and teaching (Elementary), Study and teaching (Primary)

Is teaching a science?

No, it most certainly is not. Even if you base it on psychological theories, these are not capable of scientific proof.

The science of teaching is called?

pedagogy or education The art of teaching is called pedagogy. There is also a pseudo-science called educationism by its critics, which is practiced - if that is the right word for a pseudo-science - by educationists called administrators. The fond notion that what these people do is a science has caused most of the problems in American schools.

What is teaching models?

teaching is a art

Is management as an art or a science?

both. there is art in science and a science in art. it all depends on perspective.just as one would say singing is an art but there is a science to it, or there science of engineering but there is art to it.

Is religion an art or science?

It is an art as it can not be a science.

If teaching is a science how does it challenge me as a future teacher?

If teaching is a science how does it challenge me as a future teacher?

Why is political science considered an art?

Political science is not an art. It is a science.

What has the author Arthur A Carin written?

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Is management an art or science?

both art and science

When was Museum Institute for Teaching Science created?

Museum Institute for Teaching Science was created in 1983.

What are the most prominent online teaching degrees for science?

There are many online teaching degrees for science. The most prominent online teaching degrees for science is environmental science. There are many others but this is the one that stands out the most.

Is politicl science is science or art?

Erm...more of an art.

Is art a science or a fine art?

Art is a human science which is developed by them genetically and by practicing it.

What has the author Ed Linz written?

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Behavioral science is regarded both as an art and science explain?

i think its both an art and a science

What is pedogogy?

The science of teaching.

The science of teaching?


Is logic a science or an art?

It's a science for those who do not know that it is an art.