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it is open Easter Sunday but not Easter moday


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yes tesco is opened on Easter Sunday

tesco is open on good Friday and the Saturday before Easter Sunday. It is open as normal till Easter Sunday where it is shut for the day. Happy Easter Everyone! answer posted on 11th April 3:33pm

No neither is Tesco as well Not sure about 'Sainsbury's Local' mini stores, but main stores are not open.

Opening hours not available until approx. 1 to 2 weeks before.

Tesco is open 24hrs so it is open right now!

No, it is not open on easter.

tesco first opened in 1929

u cant open Easter it only happens on Easter

The Tesco Extra in Peterborough is open on December 26, 2013 from 6am to 6pm.

No it is not open on Easter Sunday.

yes it is open on easter

No, JC Penney's is not open on Easter.

Denny's is open on Easter Sunday.

yes autozone is open Easter 2013

No, Marshalls is not open on Easter Sunday.

they are all ways open as there 24 houres

Some shops are open on Easter Sunday.

tgi fridays open on easter sunday

School isn't open on Easter Monday.

Is super cut open on Easter Sunday

No. Costco was not open Easter Sunday 2012.

back open on easter sunday in greenfield, wi

No it is not open on Easter sunday.

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