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yes it looks like beyonce...but it is not confirm.

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No, she has naturally dark brown hair.

There are 12 shades: Bright golden blonde Dark ash blonde Honey blonde Light ash blonde Light golden blonde Light plale blonde Light white blonde Medium ash blonde Medium golden blonde Platiunum blonde Soft medium blonde Strawberry blonde

Her natural hair color is dark brown but now she dyed it honey blonde.

There is a difference, dark blonde has brown tones in it and dirty blonde has ash tones in it.

ash has a grayish/greenish tone to it. i do not recomend buying it. dark blonde is more like natural...

directions how to use dark and lovely reviving colors

you can really easily and cheaply do this from home for about $7 with a dark and lovely permanent dye or a clairol permanent dye. At a salon this can cost you (depending on your hair length) between 50 to 130 dollars

Yes, you are still blonde even when it's dirty blonde. The darkest blonde is ginger blonde, which is a very dark blonde.

You can use house hold items like honey,peroxide or lemon juice.(Read instructions before using) Or go to a salon and get the hair done professionally.

In the rgb code of medium blonde, just diminish the red 68, and increase green 34; and here is dark blonde.

you will have long dark hair if your blonde , long blonde hair if your dark haired.

dark blonde or light brown

it is dark red,naturally dark blonde/brownie as in the 2004 diva search it was blonde but she dyed it brown and then dark red.

Shimmering Light Browns Greens Peach & Apricot Colours Rosey Pinks I Have Honey Blonde Hair & Green Eyes Too :) Also, you could try a kind of smoky dark grey around your eyes for a more dramatic look.

no,her real hair is dark brown but she dyed it blonde

Honey is clear as water and dark as molasses ! So honey is transparent ๐Ÿฏ Hope all of you understand

Blonde but a light blonde, not too bright or dark

Yes. Taylor Swift is a natural blonde.

If her hair is dark now it won't turn red, if she had to have blonde hair then it might have turned blonde.

No, Beyonce did not shave all her hair off. It was actually the 23 year old sister of Beyonce that shaved all her hair off in 2012. Beyonce has long dark hair.

She puts on a blonde wig because you can see the dark hair in the back

the colour is different! one is light and the other is dark!

it depends, as because his hair is dark brown, which is a dominant genetic, he could also have a blonde gene, its impossible to give a definitive answer I'm afraid. Your grandchild will be lovely and beautiful no matter its colouring =) As an example though, My parents have dark brown hair, and dark brown eyes. I have exactly the same. My younger brother however is ginger, with blue eyes. But my dad was born blonde. So you never know!

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