Is the 1000000 Argentina peso note still valid?

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Yes.It is legal and valid having an exchange rate and value of 1000000 (ARL) = 1000000 (ARS) = $ 350,000 USD. Acceptable and Redeemable for cash in any currency worldwide anywhere indefinetely.
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Is there such a thing as a 1000000 U S millennium note?

Answer . \nThere have been several novelty "million-dollar bills" printed privately; one of the designs claims to be a "millennium note." These are not legal tender; trying to cash or deposit one at a bank could get you charged with counterfeiting. (In fact, one evangelistic organization that ( Full Answer )

Is the 1000 polish zlotych note c1982 still valid currency?

According to my limited research, nothing over 200 zlotych is in circulation, and even then only current banknotes. You can check for yourself going to (there is English version of this side - just click on English). You can also send them and e-mail or call them if you want.It ( Full Answer )

What determines if a law is still valid?

If it passed a Legislative Bill. If the law has never been repealed, it is still valid. Appeals on law suits can get an interpretation of the law where in a law can be declared invalid as it contradicts either the US Constitution, a Federal law, or a State Constitution.

If you cosigned promissory note for a loan and someone you know purchased the letter. Is the note still valid even if it belongs to a new owner and the signers didn't sign a new note Can one be sued?

Answer . This would be a question I would go ask my banker. If they can't help you then they might be able to point you in the dirrection of someone who can.. From what I know... If your name is still on the loan papers then your answer is "Yes" you can be sued for the remaining balance on the l ( Full Answer )

Is a promissory note valid if it is not notarized?

The holding will vary from state to state. A notarized note is more easily enforceable, but notarization is not required. To be enforced it requires some essential elements: . The amount of the loan . The date by which it is to be paid back . The interest rate (required by the IRS in the US) . ( Full Answer )

Is the Argentina Quinientos 500 peso note still valid?

The 500 peso bill is not valid. The highest denomination is the 100 peso bill. To see Argentina's Central Bank website: and click on the left side menu under "Billetes y Monedas" and then on "emisiones vigentes". These Argentine Pesos have been in circulation since 1990. Befo ( Full Answer )

How long is a credit note valid for?

shop keeper gave me a credit note but never stated on it how long for and just invited me to a new shop and asked me to bring it with me, when i went down to use it he refused and said i cudnt bye anything from the new shop i could only spend it in the old one!

What is validity period of a Promissory Note?

Unless there is a time period specified on the note after which it becomes null and void, a promise to pay something to someone is ALWAYS valid until it is satisfied, and it also is binding obligation on the debtors estate.

What is validity period of promissory note?

Unless there is a time period specified on the note after which it becomes null and void, a promise to pay something to someone is ALWAYS valid until it is satisfied, and it also is binding obligation on the debtors estate.

Is there a difference between the Argentina peso and the Mexican peso?

Very much. Aside from being used in two entirely separate countries, they have different exchange rates. The Argentinian peso is pegged to the American dollar at 1 to 1, while the Mexican peso "floats" on the world currency market. As of 03/2009 one U.S. dollar, and hence one Argentinian peso, was e ( Full Answer )

Is a will still valid if you subsequently marry?

In most jurisdictions the will would be modified by the court according to law unless it clearly stated that it was made IN CONTEMPLATION OF marriage. If the will doesn't state it was made in contemplation of marriage then a portion of the estate would be distributed to the surviving spouse accordin ( Full Answer )

My father passed away three months ago. The will has been executed and there is no estate. My uncle now claims they had a promissory note. Is this still valid since my father passed away?

If the Will has been executed in Probate court the Will stands but if there is a note proving your dad owed money to your uncle then he can legitmately claim this as a debt upon your dads estate. See probate help link below for more information.. Clarification . Your father's estate is responsib ( Full Answer )

Is the sabbath still valid?

No. The sabbath was a requirement under the old covenant that came to an end upon the death of the party of the first part, God in the personage of Jesus Christ. __________ The above answer is obviously wrong from the Jewish perspective. Jews observe Shabbat as we are commanded to by HaShem to ( Full Answer )

Do explain 1000000 united state dollar note?

The one million dollar bill is a novelty or fantasy note produced by private parties. No one million dollar bill was ever issued by the U.S. Treasury or the Federal Reserve. The largest bill ever produced in the U.S. was the non-circulating $100,000 note. Used strictly for bank to bank exchange. (Wo ( Full Answer )

If you remarry is your first will still valid?

If you had no will, certain people by law would stand to inherit from your estate. Current spouse, children, parents if no children, siblings if none of those. If you have a will which *does not* mention someone who would have legal standing to inherit in the absense of a will, then they would ha ( Full Answer )

Is a will still valid after a new marriage?

It may be if you do not change it. If you want to insure that your new spouse gets what you feel he or she is entitled to, change your will or create a new one that voids your previous will and redistributes according to you new directives.

Is a note valid if not signed by mortgage lender?

Yes. The mortgage secures the debt. The note is simply a promise that you repay the money. If you sign the note, then you are liable for the debt. The note is simply your promise to pay back the money you borrowed. If you signed the mortgage, and you default on the promises and covenants of t ( Full Answer )

What is the value of a 1943 Mexican 1 peso note?

The 1943 Mexican 1 Peso note was issued with two variants, depending on the prefix of the serial number; Serial numbers L-Q are worth $6 in mint uncirculated condition ($3 in Very Fine). Serial number beginning 'R' is worth $45 in UNC ($10 in VF).

What is the value of a 1981 Argentina 1000000 Peso?

Argentina devalued it's currency three times in 1983, 1985 and 1992. Notes from 1981 are not legal tender so that cannot be used or exchanged in a bank. They have a value for banknote collectors, but only in perfect uncirculated condition. The 1981 Argentine 1,000,000 Peso note is worth $17.

What is the value of a 1847 Mexican 5000 Peso note?

Mexico did not issue a 5000 Peso note until 1980. Until 1925, Banco de Mexico's largest denomination was the 1866 200 Peso note. It could be an undocumented regional note, a note issued by a private bank or a local currency note issued by a town or village. You would have to describe the note ( Full Answer )

What does a 100 peso bank note look like?

About a dozen different countries have a currency called the 'Peso'. All of them print their own banknotes and they all look different. The current issue Mexican 100 Peso note (Banco de Mexico on the front) is Red and brown-orange. The 15th century warrior Nezahualcoyotl is on the front-right wit ( Full Answer )

Is Federal Reserve note G73334656A valid?

It's very difficult to ID a bill solely by its serial number, butin any case the government has never withdrawn or demonetized anyFederal Reserve notes so your bill is automatically valid at itsface value. That said, depending on its age it may be worth more to acollector. Please check your bill's ( Full Answer )

What did old 500 Mexican peso note look like?

It depends on how old, but the 1981/82 500 Peso note is mostly green with the name top-right of 'EL BANCO DE MEXICO' with a portrait of former president F.I. Madero on the front and an Aztec stone detail on the reverse.

What is the value of a Mexican 2000 Peso note?

There is no current issue 2000 Peso note, so it must pre-date revaluation in 1992 making it's face value about $0.15. The last issue of this denomination was 1985-89, with a mint uncirculated example worth $2-$3. Older notes are generally worth more, but you would have to supply the date and conditi ( Full Answer )

Do they still make a 50000 Mexican Peso note?

No, since re-valuation in 1992, the largest denomination Mexican Peso note is the 1,000 Peso. The 50,000 Peso note was last issued in Dec 1990 with an exchange value of 1:1000 with the new Peso (about $4). Mint condition 1990 notes are worth $45 to a collector. Used condition ones are worth about $6 ( Full Answer )

Is the Bank of England Ten Pound note with Charles Dickens still valid?

No, the Bank of England Series E Ten Pound note featuring Charles Dickens was last issued in October, 2000, and ceased to be legal tender on the 31st of July, 2003. The Bank of England advises that - . All Bank of England notes from which legal tender status has been withdrawn remain payable ( Full Answer )

Can you check if your ticket is still valid?

Each ticket should have a unique number on it or barcode. That ticket can then be looked up or call the place of issue. By presenting that number the company who issued it should be able to tell you if your ticket is valid.

Is your fathers annuity still valid?

Call the last company that had the annuity. Give them all the info you 'know'-his full name, your name, relationship, etc. Don't have the number to company but remember the name of the company? Google it, for (example) "annuity companies + [state-your state...] ... " should get you going in the ( Full Answer )

Is the 5000 mil pesos note from Argentina still a valid Note's?

call any exchange place like a bank or depending where u live u can call or go to the airport especially if it's an international airport because they exchange all foreign currency i recently took several diffrent types of currency to laguardia international in nyc and sold them

Is the 100000 Argentina pesos still valid Where can you go to change it here in Florida?

It is unlikely since Argentina went through many periods of hyperinflation. Even if it was legal tender, it wouldn't be worth much (I'm assuming this is from the hyperinflationary period since they don't issue that large of notes anymore) because 1,000 hyperinflationary pesos was equal to one austra ( Full Answer )

Is a 1000000 bir milyon turk lirasi of 1970 still valid?

No. It has no value as an actual piece of money. The creation ofYTL or New Turkish Lira made all previous Turkish Liras worthlessas money. However, as a collector's item, it may be worth a littlebit.

Is there 1000000 us dollar notes?

No. The largest circulating denomination the U.S. ever printed was $10,000, though there was also a $100,000 bill used for transactions between government offices.

What the value of a 1000000 pesos bill?

More information is needed, because many different countries'currencies are denominated in pesos. Please check your bill againand post a new, separate question with the following: . Its country of origin . Its date, if available; if not, include a brief description ofthe images on its front and b ( Full Answer )