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Yes, it has more space to store songs etc.

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โˆ™ 2009-07-04 12:44:37
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Q: Is the 16GB ipod touch better then the 8GB?
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Does 16gb hold more than 8gb on an iPod touch?

A 16gb iPod touch holds more than an 8gb iPod touch

Is the 16GB and the 8GB iPod touch the same thickness?

Yes, the 16GB and 8GB iPod touch are identical in size and thickness.

How many gigabites are on an iPod touch?

There are either 8Gb ipod touch an 16GB ipod touch or a 36Gb ipod touch Well, actually, there are 8Gb, 16Gb, 32Gb, and 64Gb... but i havent seen 16Gb and i think there are 24Gb

Which is better 8gb or 16gbon an iPod touch?

A 16GB is better if you want more storage, but the 8GB model is also cheaper.

Is it better to get a refurbished 16GB ipod touch or a new 8Gb ipod touch?

It depends on how many songs, videos, and pictures you have or intend to have on the iPod Touch. Keep in mind the 8gb only holds about 1,700 songs, and the 16gb holds twice as much. Sometimes new is better. In my opinion, you should go for the refurbished 16gb.

Does the iPod touch have more space than the new iPod Nano?

It depends what size you bought. The iPod touch is available with 8gb, 16gb, and 32gb. The iPod nano 4G is available with 8gb and 16gb.

Is there an iPod Touch 4G 16GB?

No. There is 8gb, 32gb, and 64gb.

Is there a 16gb iPod Touch 3rd generation?

yes there is 8gb-32gb

Can you get a 4GB iPod touch?

nope, just 8gb, 16gb,32gb

Is there a 3GB iPod touch?

The second generation ipod touch only come in 8gb, 16gb, and 32gb models

Can you get a 16gb 3g iPod Touch?

nope, only 8gb,32gb,and 64gb.

How much can ipod touch store?

It depends what gigabyte you get. 8gb, 16gb or 32gb.

Why is a 16GB iPod touch better?

It has more space. Here is a list: 8gb Ipod touch- 1,750 songs 10 hours of video= $229.00 16gb Ipod Touch- 3,500 songs 20 hours of video= $299.00 32gb Ipod Touch- 7,000 songs 40 hours of video= $399.00

How much is a iPod touch in Malta?

199 eu for 8GB or for 16GB it costs 299

Is it better to get the 32gb or the 8gb ipod touch?

If you are getting an ipod touch to do games and stuff, the 32GB is better, But, if you are getting it because of music, 8GB is better.

What is price of ipod touch?

/it depend on how many GB's you want!! 8GB is 200$/16GB is 240$

Can you buy an iPod touch 5 with 8gb?

Frankly speaking, no. go to and look for iPod Touch. The first row should be labeled "Capacity and Price". There is 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB. There is no 8GB model of the iPod Touch 5

Will a 16GB iPod Touch fit a 8GB case?

Yes, it will. How much memory it has doesn't have an effect on the size of the iPod it self.

What are the prices of Apple's iPods?

The 2GB iPod Shuffle starts at $59 and the 4GB is $79. The 8GB iPod Nano starts at $149 and the 16GB is $179. The 160GB iPod Classic is $249. The 8GB iPod Touch starts at $199, the 16GB is $299 and the 32GB is $399.

Does the 16gb ipod touch have a camera?

No. The iPod touch 16GB was discontinued in September 2009. However, the iPod touch 8GB, 32GB, and 64GB all have cameras and they are still in production. I think only the forth generation has a camera but the 3G might to. not sure?

Which is better a htc touch viva or apple ipod touch 8gb?

The ipod touch 8gb mainly because you cannot yet jailbreak the htc touch and the ipod can have firmware updates.

How many songs can fit ipod touch?

8gb-2000 songs 16gb-4000 songs and so on

How much money does a 1 gb ipod touch cost?

There's only 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB.

How many gigabytes does an ipod touch has?

Currently the Ipod Touch comes in 3 different sizes. The cheapest can hold 8GB, next is 16GB, and the largest is 32GB.

Is there a ipod touch 4 gen for 115 dollars?

Yes, there is an Ipod 4G in America for 115 dollars, but it is i think 8GB or 16GB