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Is the 96 Sebring JXI convertible instrument cluster the same as the 97 Sebring convertible JXI cluster?


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2007-03-02 02:26:05
2007-03-02 02:26:05

I recently changed mine with a newer one. I went to a local junk yard where you pull and pay and took one off a 97. I checked the part number and it was the same, it cost me 17.00 and it worked like new. I suggest you do the same.


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you cant you have to swap out the whole instrument cluster. I just had the same problem with mine.

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If both are the same body style, sedan, coupe or convertible.If both are the same body style, sedan, coupe or convertible.

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Are they flipped all the way around? I had my Caravan do the same when the battery went dead. I actually had to remove the gauge cluster and manually move them back. I am not too familiar with the sebring but since they are made by the same parent companies it shouldn't bee that hard to do yourself.

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It is inside the same part that displays the compass direction.

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