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I used one in the service which was semi-automatic Cartridges of the World lists 11 different 9mm cartridges. Only one, 9mm Federal, is a rimmed cartridge suitable for use in a revolver, and as of the 1989 publication date of my copy, the Charter Arms Pit Bull was the only gun chambered for it. So, most likely, any 9mm handgun you find will be an automatic. ANSWER The Ruger Blackhawk .357 magnum single action revolver comes with an interchangeable cylinder for 9mm. The .357-.38 special uses one cylinder and the other cylinder takes the .9mm. Many people don't know this, but a so-called".38" is actually measured at .357 inches. The 9mm is measured at .356 inches, which slides precisely through the same diameter barrel as the bullets that are .001" larger. The Blackhawk single action has the ejecting rod which will poke out any empty case. Of course the 9mm cylinder has chambers bored to headspace on the front rim of brass case. It is a very accurate gun with either the 9's or.357's. As for power, the 9mm will pass through a telephone pole, so it's plenty powerful. With +P hollow-points or Glasers the 9mm is indeed a formidable round!


Simple answer: Most of them, in fact the vast majority. But with moon clips, even a 9mm Luger (rimless cartridge designed for automatics) can be very quickly loaded and unloaded from double-action revolvers. Not only does Ruger make convertibles with their .357 Magnum Blackhawk single-action revolvers (since the rounds are only a couple thousandths of an inch different in diameter, they have also made double action revolvers just in 9mm Luger, like the SP101. The 9mm Federal was designed to replace that need, but unlike the .45 AutoRim, the 9mm Federal was pretty much stillborn.

Clarification: Not all Ruger Blackhawks in .357 are Convertible models.

I'd hate to have my communications lines hanging on a pole that can be penetrated by the 9mm Luger! The above statement is misleadingly incomplete in details.

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Q: Is the 9mm handgun an automatic?
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