Is the ATT Quickfire too bulky?

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yes its a very bulky phone

try a newer slider like the Samsung impression it came out last year but its fast stylish and a hell of alot thiner even with a slider

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Q: Is the ATT Quickfire too bulky?
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When is the ATT Quickfire coming out?

already i have one my self

Should you get the ATT quickfire phone?

yes, it is an amazing phone (:

Should you get the blackberry curve or the quickfire or somthing else-att?

You should better get quickfire, that looks way better.

Is the quickfire phone by att too thick to be put in your pocket?

Depends on what kind of pant you wear, I normally wear tighter fitted jeans and it fits in my pocket fine. no i have a quickfire and it fits just fine, even with tight pants.

What is the cost of ATT QuickFire Quick Messaging Package?

it costs about $ can look at your welcome!!

When will the Att quickfire come out?

They AT&T quick fire came out November 8th. I just got it yesterday, it is phonominal

Did they recall ATT quickfires?

Yes they did, It was recalled because if you would put the charger in the wrong way, the quickfire might possibly get hot and in worse case scenarios catch fire. I guess Quickfire was the perfect name for this phone.

How do you find PUK code for ATT quickfire?

PUK (phone unblocking code) can only be obtained via the Cell phone network provider

On the att quickfire when you slide the phone open does it change view?

Yes it does. I bought this phone two weeks ago and so far, I'm very happy with it.

Does the quickfire phone have apps?

the at&t quickfire phone does not have applications.

What is a good sliding qwerty phone for ATT and cingular?

i think the at&t quickfire is a really good fone. it has a qwerty keyboard and has a touchscreen! it slides like the sidekick slide!!!

Can you put signatures at the end of your messages on the att quickfire?

No. I got one for my birthday, and I have searched everywhere for a long time looking for anything text-related. There is so signature spot anywhere.

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