Is the Amazon river a tributary?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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Q: Is the Amazon river a tributary?
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What is the smallest Amazon tributary?

The smallest Amazon tributary is the Maranon River.

How do you use tributary in a sentence?

The Amazon river meets the Pacific ocean. The place where the river meets the ocean is the tributary. The Amazon tributary is gigantic.Let's follow the left tributary to it's source.I'm not sure of the name of the Amazon River's largest tributary.

The Platte River is a tributary of which river?

the amazon

Is the potaro river a tributary of the amazon?

No, the Potaro River in Guyana, South America is a tributary of the Essequibo River.

The negro river is tributary of what major south America river?

amazon river

Tributary of the amazon river that starts with x?


What country is River Jurua in?

The Juruá River is a southern tributary of the Amazon River in Brazil.

Where is the Madeira river?

Madeira river is in the South America, an important tributary of Amazon.

What tributary of the Amazon river that travels north until it meets the Amazon river at porto de moz?


A river that starts with the letter x?

The Xingu is a long river in Brazil. It is a tributary of the Amazon River.

What country is madeira river in?

the river madiera is in south america and is a major tributary off of the Amazon river.

Where is rio Napo located?

It is a tributary of the River Amazon. It rises in Equador