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No they are NOT poisonous.

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Why does your little brow anole lizard lie on top of your bigger brown anole lizard?

There probly mating

What is the life cycle of a green anole?

what is the life cycle of an anole lizard

What is the habitat of an anole lizard?

the desert

What eats anole lizard?


Is anole a species of lizard?


Will a anole lizard hurt a baby anole?

Yes, adults will eat hatchlings.

A lizard that starts with the letter N?

· Northern Green Anole (lizard)

Are anole lizards poisonous to dogs?


What is the technical anole lizard family?


Small lizard beginning with the letter A?


Can you feed rolly pollys to a Anole lizard?


What lizard starts with s?

southern green anole Skink shingleback lizard

Anole are they poisonous?

No, Anoles are NOT poisonous. In fact, a lot of people keep anoles as pets. They are easy to take care of and they can survive in FREEZING cold temperature and BOILING hot temperature. They live through hurricanes, tornados, they are so easy to take care of. A cap full of banana baby food will be good for about 2 weeks for food! Its amazing! Also, there are only two types of poisonous lizard in the world, the Mexican Beaded Lizard and the Gila Monster. So...No. Anoles are not poisonous. Good Luck!i have an baby anole

Is a green anole a producer or a consumer?

A Green Anole is a lizard whose color changes due to stimulants, emotion, and temperature. As a lizard it is a consumer.

I have a male Anole lizard outside and it is constantly terrorized by a non-captive male Anole lizard. Is this territorial and what should I do?

Bring your lizard inside. It will be much happier and the other lizards will not terrorize it.

Can you house a Hermit Crab with a Anole lizard?

yes you can house a hermit crab but not with a lizard

What are some of the lizard species called?

komodo dragon, iguana, minitor lizard, bearded lizard, anole, geoko

What kind of lizard has an orange chin?

That's an anole

What is a lizard that can change color?

Chameleons and Anole Lizards

What is the technical name for the anole lizard family?


What is a green anole?

A Greeen Anole is a lizard that's colour changes due to stimulants, emotion, and temperature.

A type of new world lizard it can change its color it starts with the letter A and ends with an E?


What is a green anole lizard?

a really low maintenance animal for beginner lizard care givers

Are anole lizards poisonous if eaten by pets or humans?


In what rainforest layer does the Anole Lizard live?

They live in the canopy.

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