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It depends on the severity of the accident. If it's something that can reasonably be assumed to not cause future problems, there is no obligation. On the other hand, you are justified in being suspicious of that dealership. Your only real option is to tell everyone you know about the car and what happened. Let them decide if they want to do business with that dealership. There are lemon laws, check your state. However, if the car runs fine when you took it for a test drive and you did not do your homework, then you are responsible for the repairs. 2 things you should have done before purchasing a car, request a carfax from the dealership (free) and take it to a private mechanic (not one they have recommended) to look it over (around $25-$50). Dealerships don't do their homework on cars they are selling. They just sell the car and expect the buyer to do the homework. * The buyer can consult the "lemon laws" for their state at,

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Q: Is the Car dealer responsible for repairing something from an accident before you bought the car and the dealer did not tell you about the accident?
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If you do not report an accident after 48 hours can the opposite party still be held responsible by law?

It will not be possible to report an accident after 48 hours due to the accident. The opposite party cannot be held under the court of law to be responsible without specific evidence or before your legal claim rights.

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What happens if you get in a car accident the day before your coverage starts?

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If you have an accident and then reinstate your insurance are you covered?

If the accident occurred after your policy lapsed and before reinstatement, no, it won't.

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