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no the Lamborghini is the fastest road car

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โˆ™ 2011-02-24 00:24:57
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Q: Is the Ferrari FXX the fastest road car?
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Is the Ferrari fxx a road car?

Yes although it maybe racing spec, it is a road car

Is the Ferrari Enzo FXX a GT1 Class Car?

It is correct to say that Ferrari Enzo FXX is a GT1 Class Car.

What is the second fastest Ferrari road car?

a ferrari spyder

What is the most fastest naturally aspirated car in the world?

Technically the Ferrari FXX is the fastest naturally aspirated car in the world, however the McClaren F1 is the fastest naturally aspirated production car.

What type of services does FXX provide?

FXX is a style of Ferrari. It was built to be a high performance race car. The Ferrari FXX was built in Maranello, Italy by the automobile maker Ferrari.

When was the Ferrari FXX created?

The Ferrari FXX started being produced in 2005 in Maranello, Italy. The Ferrari FXX was created as a race car and is not street-legal, though its design is based on a street-legal car called the Enzo.

What is the fastest car a Ferrari or a Lamborghini?


What car can do 249 mph?

The Ferrari FXX Evolution can go exactly 249 MPH.

What is the fastest car Ferrari made?

The fastest that anyone can buy is the Enzo Ferrari.

How much Ferrari fxx price?

This is interesting, because you can't "buy" an FXX. It is in fact a program for developing the car, and to join it, it costs you 1.5 million euros, or 2.1 million USD. Wow, huh? And, you can't drive it on the road, plus, you can only drive it (even on a track) when Ferrari feels like it.

Is a Ferrari the fastest car in the world?

No, Bugatti is the fastest car in the world.

In forza horizon can you upgrade the ferrari fxx?

i believe so, but im no sure of the actual stats of the car. if you could me know what the speed stat of the FXX is when upgraded that would be great

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