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The idea of mens vs womens bikes is rather pointless, and dates back to the time when it wasn't socially acceptable for women to show their legs. Today a womans bike can mean a few different things:

  1. a step-through frame(w/o top tube) and an upright riding position
  2. a "girly" paint scheme, and a slightly shorter reach between saddle and handle bar, either achieved by a shorter stem, or by actually redesigning the frame.
  3. in rare cases, a womans bike will come fitted with smaller wheels, to maintain the same stance and ride characteristics as the men's bike, but adapted for the usually somewhat smaller woman rider.

The standard diamond frame tarpon is nominally a mans bike(which doesn't mean a thing if it fits you) while the tarpon step-thru is a "woman's" bike, which doesn't mean a thing either if you prefer a more upright riding position.

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Q: Is the Gary fisher bike tarpon a man of woman bike?
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How much does a 2009 Gary fisher tarpon bike weigh?

I weighed mine as soon as I bought it and with all the stock parts the total was 31lbs.

Which bike is better a cannondale or a Gary fisher bike?

Cannondale and Gary Fisher are both decent brands. Which is the best bike will be determined by the quality of the parts they're built with.

What was Gary Fisher famous for?

Gary Fisher is famous for inventing the modern mountain bike. He was also known for competing in road and track races. Gary Fisher was the winner of the Masters XC national title and the TransAlp race in Europe around the 1970s. After a while the Trek bike replaced the standalone Gary Fisher brand of bike.

Where do you find what year model Gary fisher bike is?

The fork

Is a Gary Fisher Mullet the right bike for you?

No way of telling, unless you tell us what you want from your bike.

Where is the fork located on Gary fisher bike?

The forks are the parts of the bicycle frame to which the wheels are attached.

When did Trek bike buy Fisher bike company?

Gary Fisher and roommate Charlie Kelly started "MountainBikes", the first company to manufacture Mountain Bikes, in 1979. FYI: The frames were built by Tom Ritchey himself (who founded Ritchey Designs in 1983). In 1983, Fisher took over the company and changed the name to "Gary Fisher Mountain Bikes". In 1991, Fisher sold the brand to Anlen (a major manufacturer in Taiwan), but stayed on as President of the company. In 1993, after what Fisher calls "two excruciating years", Trek acquired Fisher from Anlen.

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The Lexile level of "The Bike" by Gary Soto is 680L.

Who was the first person to invent the mountain bike?

There are a few men who can be called pioneers of the sport, including Tom Ritchey and Gary Fisher. But, one man is credited with building the first "purpose built" mountain bike frame, Joe Breeze

What is the value of a Gary fisher bike?

Gary Fisher bikes are available in a wide range of prices, which obviously mean that the 2nd hand value also can vary a lot. Generally speaking bikes don't hold on to their value particularly well, so your best bet is to check craigslist, eBay for similar bikes and see what they sell for.

Which mountain bike is better The Gary Fisher Hoo koo e koo or the Marin palisades trail im doing casual all mountain biking im looking for versitility durability lightweight?

They're both good, but the Gary HooKoo E Koo is a classic, a solid performer, very reasonably affordable and embodying the eclectic style of the Fisher style.

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