Great White Sharks

Is the Great White Shark the most dangerous type of shark?


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No, It is actually Megalodon because of big size, big tooth.


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The most dangerous shark is the Great White Shark.

a whale shark is bigger but the white shark is more dangerous

make shark is unbelivable so its the white shark

The most dangerous shark is the great white or the bull shark

Great White. Whale sharks are large but relatively docile and not dangerous.

the great white shark is the most dangerous shark in the world

The great white shark is the moster dangerous shark. It's on top of the ocean/sea world food chain.

Personally, i think the species of hammerheads are the scariest looking, the great white shark isn't even the most dangerous.

There is no difference between a great white shark and a shark because a great white shark is a shark. however there is a difference between a great white shark and another breed of shark

because they hear it is a dangerous shark

No it is the most dangerus shark but not most dangerous animal.

If there is a more dangerous shark than a great white, it is the bull shark.

The White Shark is the more dangerous of the two, the Whale Shark is a filter feeder that feeds on plankton

Yes. The tiger shark and the bull shark are the most dangerous. Lots of people think the great white shark is but that's wrong. They may have a good attack but the other two are more dangerous.

5. Mako shark,4.oceanic white tip shark,3.tiger shark,2.great white shark,1.bull shark

the great white,the bull shark,tiger shark,black tip and white tip

a great white shark is bigger than a bull shark

the most dangerous shark is the rono shark

Both are very dangerous, but the white grows a little larger, so the white is probably more so. The great white may be larger, but the tiger shark is more likely to attack since it eats almost anything. The Great white only fancies seals and large fish. When a person gets attacked by a great white, it's most likely due to the shark mistaking it for their natural prey. Though the Bull shark tops the most dangerous shark list.

A great white. Because the great white sharks are bigger. They also have bigger and wider mouths that can hold more flesh of a human than any other shark can.

With out a doubt, it is the great white shark. The great white is the only shark known to actually kill humans on purpose and not just because they thought it was a seal. Source: I am a scientist. That is false. The most dangerous type of shark either the bull shark of the tiger shark. They are the all around most aggressive. The great white is seen as the most dangerous simply because it is the most famous due to Jaws, but in reality it isnt. And I have never heard of a shark killing humans on purpose.

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