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Q: Is the HTC wildfire metro a slider phone?
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Is a HTC wildfire a 3g phone?

It is a 3G phone

Which phone is better HTC wildfire S or Samsung Galaxy Ace?

The HTC Wildfire S is a better phone than the Samsung Galaxy Ace.

What phone is better a HTC sensation or a HTC wildfire s?

sensation by a mile

Where do you find drafts on a HTC wildfire?

on yor phone

Is the HTC Wildfire any good?

I have the HTC Wildfire, and i would say that it is and ok phone, it is actually pretty good compared to the better HTC models. The Wildfire does have almost all the futures like the iPhone/samsung/htc phones, just that the wildfire is slightly slower, and errors occur some times, but this happends at all phone but just slightly more at the wildfire

What phone is better the HTC wildfire s or the HTC desire c?

Htc desire c is better because it newer and you got more space plus the phone is faster than the wildfire s

How do you record a phone conversation from a metro PCs HTC wildfire s?

I don't have a wildfire, I have a HTC Sensation. I called At&t and they said that there was no way to do it natively. BUT they referred me to a 3rd party company that allowed me to record my calls as mp3's (see link) - It was easy.

Where can you get a tatty teddy phone cover for your HTC wildfire s?

You can get a tatty teddy phone cover for your HTC wildfire S in a few different places. You can get them on eBay, Amazon or you can go to the phone store.

Does the HTC wildfire phone have a camera?

Yes it has a 5mp camera and video phone.

When is Android 2.2 coming to HTC wildfire?

HTC Wildfire can now update to 2.2 But you need to check with your carrier to check when you can update your phone

How do you get my voice messages off your HTC wildfire phone?

how to get voice messaging off a htc desire /

Can you use beats with a HTC wildfire s?

You can use Beats Audio with an HTC Wildfire S if you root your phone and install clockwork recovery mod.

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