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No. Buy one and find out for yourself.

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โˆ™ 2012-05-23 10:11:25
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Q: Is the Ipad just an over sized piece of rubbish?
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Is the Ipad just an over-sized piece of rubbish?

its not its usefull for many things.It can be a mini t.v. or a mini laptop a music player it can also be used for games.Theres even more to do on it.

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Does the iPad 2 have iPad 2 written on the back of it or is it just iPad?

It's just iPad.

Can you put programs that are on your desktop on your iPad?

You can't put just anything on an iPad. It has to be made for the iPad. You can't just drag programs on the desktop to the iPad.

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How do you get music on an iPad?

Just go to iTunes in you iPad

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What came after the iPad?

The original iPad, just know as the iPad was first, then came the iPad 2. The latest model is known as New iPad. (not iPad 3 or iPad HD or ????).

When will the iPad have a camera?

A Ipad 2 just came out with a camera.

Is the iPad 4 out yet?

No we are just in the iPad 2 3GS.

What is the difference between a computer and an iPad?

the ipad is just smaller then a computer.and you can put a ipad in your pocket

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