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yes, the KKK is a gang who commits crimes and does illegal things. So, yeah the KKK are like terrorists

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are all Christians part of the KKK the KKK killed blacks and their reason was because they believed that god gave them the right to all of the KKK were Christians so no all muslims are not terrorists

Unfortunately not many are found, because most people are caught under the mistake of thinking that the terrorists of KKK are ancient. If you want to try to make your own anti-KKK group, please feel free (at least in the USA) to protest, because it's totally legal. Let's face it, you wouldn't be reporting ordinary/innocent people, KKK is nothing but a bunch of worthless, racist, Christian terrorists that conspire out of unreasonable hatred over blacks, pagans, and communists as a whole.

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Because they are murdering racists who cause fear and pain to other people just because of something beyond their control - skin colour. In today's modern society we are diverse and accept diversity. The KKK are a bunch of terrorists who are stuck in the past. KKK movements are illegal in Europe and the UK.

If 1 in a million Americans are terrorists, then there are over 300. Groups like the KKK were terrorists. Arguably the US Government is terroristic: In 2001 almost 3 000 people were murdered by Al Qaeda. In 1991 over 100 000 Iraqis were killed so an emir of a nation not even a US ally could get his throne back.

They aren't. Terrorists are not of one religion. There have been and are Christian terrorists, Jewish terrorists, atheist terrorists, etc.

There are some terrorists from Iraq. However, most Iraqis are not terrorists, and most terrorists are not from Iraq.

the use of terrorists is that, if there are no terrorists then there will be no job for police and army

What did the KKK believe?

The KKK was or were Catholics

There was no cardinal of the KKK.

Yes, the KKK is still here. There are about 1,000 members in the KKK today.

No. The two terms are distinct. There are some terrorists who are Muslims. Most Muslims are not terrorists and many terrorists are not Muslims.

The KKK was started in Tennessee.

what are the iniation in to the KKK in the 1940s

The KKK of the 1920s was in Pennsylvania.

KKK can be klu klux klan or in koean KKK can perfer to laughing

Yes, or so they claim. They claim to follow the teachings of Old Testament to justify prosecution of Catholics, Jews and other religious and racial minorities. They can be considered Christian Protestant religious terrorists.

Yes they do. the KKK is still around today but their isn't many KKK members now. there is about 6,000 KKK members who's still alive today. Some KKK members are still alive from the 2nd KKK which lasted from 1915-1944.

Yes the UVF were terrorists.

The first KKK was established in 1864.

The KKK was founded in Pulaski, Tennessee.

I would advise that you do not join the KKK.

Federal legislation banned the KKK.

The KKK hates everybody!

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