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The planet Mars is terrestrial, which is to say it is similar to the Earth. It is not a gas giant.

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Mars is a terrestrial planet, not a gas giant planet.

Mars is a terrestrial planet, not a gas giant. Mars is a terrestrial planet because the majority of it is rock, not gas.

mars is a terrestrial planet or an inner planet

It is a rocky planet or terrestrial planet. Any planet before Mars is terrestrial and any planet after Mars is a gas giant.

Mars is a terrestrial type planet itself. It has no other planets, gas giants or otherwise.

Mars is a terrestrial (rocky) planet, also known as an inner planet.

Mars is a terrestrial or rocky metallic planet. Jovian means Jupiter like, or gas giant.

It is not a gas giant, therefore it must be a terrestrial.

A terrestrial planet, Gas giant planets are made of gas....

The planet Pluto is not classified as a gas giant or a terrestrial planet. In fact it is a dwarf planet now.

Jupiter =] Jupiter is incorrect. It is considered a Gas Giant not a terrestrial planet. The answer is Mars with it's two known moons.

Mercury is a terrestrial planet.

Venus is a terrestrial planet

The opposite of terrestrial planet is gas giant

No, Uranus is called either a gas giant, or an ice giant. Terrestrial planets are small rocky worlds: Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars.

Well Mars is a terrestrial planet so it is near most of the other terrestrial planets. However it is next to Earth and Jupiter ( the first gas giant.)

Mars is a solid pllanet.

Terrestrial planet are the inner planet. mostly composed with rock and metal. Terrestrial planet are:Mercury,Venus,Earth, and Mars Jovian planet are a gas giant and the outer planet. Jovian planet are:Jupiter,Saturn,Uranus,Neptune

No, it is a terrestrial planet.

Haumea is a rocky, terrestrial dwarf planet.

The "terrestrial" or "rocky" planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars. The "gas giant" planets are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

No. Earth is a terrestrial planet.

Ceres is neither a gas giant or terrestrial planet. Ceres is classified as an asteroid and is sometimes called a minor planet. It resides in the asteroid belt between the orbits of mars and Jupiter. It's similar in composition to the terrestrial planets and is composed mostly of rock.

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