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No. The Milky Way is believed to be a barred spiral galaxy.

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The Milky Way Galaxy is a spiral galaxy, not an elliptical galaxy.

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Q: Is the Milky Way Galaxy an Elliptical galaxy?
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Is the Milky Way an elilptical galaxy?

The Milky Way galaxy is a spiral, not elliptical, galaxy.

What type of galaxy is the milky way according to the scientist?

The Galaxy the milky Way is a Barred spiral galaxy but soon to be an elliptical galaxy when Andromeda collides with the Milky Way.

What is thought to be the fate of the milky way?

andromeda and milky way galaxy will collide and become a elliptical galaxy.

How many light years away is the elliptical galaxy from the Milky Way?

An elliptical galaxy is a type of galaxy not a particular one.

Is the Milky Way an Elliptical galaxy?

No, Milky Way is a barred spiral.

The sun is located in an elliptical galaxy?

no, the sun is in a spiral galaxy called the milky way.

Is the galaxy in which Earth is located classified as elliptical?

No, our galaxy is the Milky Way galaxy, and scientists believe that it is probably a barred spiral galaxy.

How is earth related to elliptical galaxies?

It isn't. Earth is in the Milky Way Galaxy - a spiral galaxy.

What is the nearest elliptical galaxy to the milky way?

Messier 32 is a dwarf elliptical galaxy about 2.65 million light years away in the constellation AndromedaMaffei 1 is a giant elliptical galaxy in the constellation about 10 billion light years away in the constellation Cassiopeia. It is the closest giant elliptical galaxy to the Milky Way

What is the galaxy of milky way?

The Milky Way is a galaxy, is is our galaxy

Which galaxy does the earth inhabit?

Our galaxy is called the "Milky Way".Our galaxy is called the "Milky Way".Our galaxy is called the "Milky Way".Our galaxy is called the "Milky Way".

Is the milky way the same as the spiral galaxy?

The "Milky Way" is the name given to the galaxy in which we reside. The Milky Way is classified as a barred spiral galaxy type; a spiral galaxy with a central bar shaped structure composed of stars. The main galaxy classifications are spiral, elliptical and irregular .

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