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Yes, it is like that only.

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How are the compounds on the periodic table grouped?

there are no compounds on a periodic table. only elements are placed in the periodic table and they are grouped by similar attributes

How are elements in the periodic table grouped?

they are grouped by their chemical properties

Why are elements grouped together on the periodic table?

The elements are aranged in rows according to increasing atomic number. They are grouped in columns because they have similar chemical properties.

How are the elements in a periodic table grouped?

They are grouped horizontally by atomic number and vertically by similar properties.

What does the periodic table show us about atoms of various elements?

Periodic table show that elements have properties which are periodic in nature. These properties can be grouped together.

What are elements on the periodic table are grouped based on?

Group are based on similar properties. The elements having same chemical properties are grouped together.

What two properties is the modern periodic table based on?

The two properties that the modern periodic table is based on are chemical and physical properties. The elements that have these properties in common are usually grouped with one another.

Can elements be grouped together according to their physical elements?

Elements are grouped by their chemical properties. But, in arranging the chemical properties, physical properties are distinguished.

How is the periodic table grouped?

the periodic table is grouped according to similarities. when Mendeleev grouped his first periodic table they followed a pattern. any elements that contained similarities they were all put into the same column.

Why are element grouped into families on the periodic table?

The elements with similar properties are grouped together in families. They have same number of valence electrons.

Is elements with similar properties grouped together in the periodic table?

There is a line in the periodic table that separates the metals and the non-metals.

What two properties are the modern periodic table based on?

Properties of elements are periodic function of atomic number. Elements with same chemical properties are grouped together.

What was the importantance of mendeleeve's periodic table to chemists?

Mendeleev arranged elements in rows and columns according to increasing atomic masses. The elements with same properties were grouped together which formed the base for modern periodic table.

What controls an element position on the periodic table?

Atomic number controls its position in periodic table. It is grouped with the elements having same properties.

How are elements grouped and classified?

The elements are arranged in the increasing order of their atomic number and repeating periodic properties.

What do members of the same period in the periodic table all have in common?

They have similar properties so are grouped together.

How are the properties displayed in the periodic table?

Elements with same property are grouped together. Property can be estimated by its position.

Why are elements grouped in the periodic table?

Because their chemical properties are mainly dependent on their valence (outer-most) electrons ... which does make a pattern on the periodic table.

How do you find the most similar elements in the periodic table?

In the periodic table, the elements are grouped according to their properties. Elements in a group has an equal number of valence electrons. So the elements in a group have most common chemical properties.

Why is the periodic table more successful than other proceeding attempts?

Because the elements are grouped according to similar characteristics. Even by knowing where an element is on the periodic table based solely on its proton number, we can still predict its properties by using its position on the periodic table.

Elements that are the same what have a tendency to have very similar chemical properties due to periodic trends?

Similar elements have chemical properties that are also similar. The periodic table is grouped into families. This can predict trends among the elements.

Why it was needed to develop the periodic table?

The elements with same properties need to be grouped together. So that it is easier to study the elements

How are elements grouped in the periodic table?

They are grouped by similar characteristics

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