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Is the Philips MP3 player available?

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βˆ™ 2006-08-06 14:38:06

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Yes, it's available at most electronic stores.

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βˆ™ 2006-08-06 14:38:06
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What are the storage options offered on a Philips mp3 player?

There are many options available for storage in a Philips MP3 player. The most common option is to utilize on-board memory. You can also use an expansion card to extend the space on the player.

What's the most portable mp3 player?

The most portable mp3 player is Philips SA1929/37 2 GB Flash Audio MP3 Player.

How do you turn on your mp3 player?

i turn on mine by holding down play or pause but i do have a philips mp3

What is better a iPod nano or a Philips mp3 player?

I prefer Philips after owning two ipod mp3 players. Apple's batteries do not last long enough.

What options are available for a 2gb MP3 player?

There are many options available for 2GB MP3 players. Apple, Samsung, Sony, SanDisk, Philips, Ematic, HeadRush and a variety of other brands all have 2GB MP3 players that come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes.

How do you open a Philips sa30 mp3 player?

by eating little children!!

How do you fix your Philips gogear opus mp3 player?

i dont know yell at it

Is the Sony ShoqBox compatible with any MP3 player?

The Philips Shoqbox is an MP3 player.It seems a bit overpriced to me,but it does allow you to play mp3 on your stereo system.

How much is a clock radio with an mp3 player?

The philips model that is a clock radion with an mp3 player is prived between 45.00 on Amazon but originally sold for 129.95.

When was the MP3 player available to public?


What is the price of a black mp3 player dock at Walmart?

The iHome portable mp3 player dock is available at walmart for 19.27. It is available in store or to be shipped to the store or home. It is available at

Can philips w6618 mobile available in india?

Philips W6618 is available in India, as well as Philips W9588.

Where can one purchase a pink MP3 player for a girl?

Pink MP3 players can be purchased at Argos or Toys R Us stores. Amazon online have a range available too with a Barbie Girls pink MP3 player available.

is ipod touch the only touch screen mp3 player available ?

No, the ipod touch is not the only touch screen mp3 player available in the market. The other touch screen mp3 player available in the market is the ipod nano.

Is Philips mobiles available in India?

yes PHILIPS mobiles are available in India.

what is a wireless mp3?

Wireless Mp3 is a Mp3 player which also has wireless connectivity available. This means that there can be other functions which require internet access like web surfing or the downloading of video if the Mp3 player has video capabilities.

How do you put music from itunes to Philips vibe?

You need to either convert it or find a different source for music where you can buy mp3's. iTunes music downloaded will not show up on the mp3 player.

What does Philips sell that is similar to an iPod?

Phillips sell an MP3 player that is similar to an iPod. They sell a number of mp3 players including the GoGear Vibe 8mb version. One can buy them from Amazon.

How do you get videos on a Philips mp3 player?

I had a Philips Mp3 player before I got my Ipod and well I would Down Load the music and videos from Limewire and my video and music would automatic transfer to Window Media if it would appear I would Select it on Sync and Drag the song or video and synchronize it and there it was I hope my experience Works for yours too :)

What is a durable mp3 player for kids?

The SanDisk Shaker mp3 player is a perfect choice for kids. It is durable, designed for kids, available in pink for girls and blue for boys. This mp3 player is inexpensive and priced under $40.00

How do you load music from your computer to your Philips go gear?

Yours may be different, but I just dragged the files when the MP3 player was plugged in to the computer.

What is the dish network control code for a Philips DVD player?

The only codes available for a Philips DVD player are 766, 554, 803, 804, 556, 801, 802, 585, 678.

What kind of MP3 hardware is available?

The MP3 players that are available are:Portable MP3 PlayersPortable MP3/CD PlayersConsumer MP3 PlayersCar MP3 Players

How do i get album art onto my mp3 player when i got the songs from cds on my computer the album art was with the files. but once i put them on my mp3 player the art would not show up on the mp3?

try a different brand mp3,ill try Umm, and, most of the time, mp3 players have black lettering only on the screen, so your album art doesn't come up at all.

How can you download music from LimeWire onto your Phillips GoGear mp3 player instead of itunes?

I had a Philips mp3 player before and If I'm correct, it should work if you go on limewire, right click the file and say "view file location" and it will open the folder where the file is located. Then you should have your mp3 player plugged in and send the file to your mp3 player. I have an ipod now so it's been a while, I'm not sure if it will work but try it.