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Is the President of the Senate next in line after the US Vice-President to assume the duties of US President?

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It is Speaker of the house I believe.

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What are duties of the vice president?

The vice president has a duty to assume the president's duties if the president dies or can't perform the duties for any reason. The vice president also presides over the senate and may also perform other duties assigned by the president.

What duties does the Vice President take on?

He has only one: president of the senate.

The youngest president to assume duties of president was?

John F. Kennedy

When does the president assume his duties?

The President assumes his duties upon being sworn in to office - normally on the 20th of January.

What duties does the Constitution give to the Vice President of the US?

the leader of the Senate (called the President of the Senate); the Vice-President does not vote unless there is a tie

What body approves many of the powers and duties of the president?

the senate

Many of the powers and duties of the president must be approved by who?

By the Senate

Who the president when the president dies?

The vice president then becomes the president.The vice president would assume those duties.

Who was the youngest president to assume the US president duties?

The youngest person to assume the office of president of the United States was Theodore Roosevelt at age 42

What is the vice president used for?

He is the President of the Senate and is 1st in line for Presidency if the President cannot do his duties or dies.

What are the duties and responsibilities of the senate president?

the duties and responsibilities are manase the goverment.propose new laws.make the armed forces.

Who is third in line after the President and Vice-President to assume the duties of US President?

Speaker of the House

Who was the first vice president to assume the duties?

the answer is president George Washington's vice president John Adams

The youngest US president to assume the duties of president was who?

The youngest man to assume the duties of United States president was Theodore Roosevelt. At the age of 43, Roosevelt took office on September 14, 1901, following the death of president William McKinley.

What are the duties of the president of the president pro tempore?

He is a voting member of the Senate and so shares the duties of all US Senators. The position is mostly ceremonial and is awarded to the majority member with the most seniority in the Senate.

Who takes over if the president does not do his duties?

The vice president becomes President if the President dies or is removed from office . There are also procedures by which the vice-president can temporarily assume the duties of president, either voluntarily or involuntarily.

Who serves as the leader of the senate when the vice president is absent?

When the US Vice President is absent or acting as President, his/her Senate duties fall to the US Senate President Pro Tempore, who by tradition is the longest-serving Senator of the majority party.

Are the duties of the office of the Vice President are specifically outlined in the Constitution?

While the Constitution provided information on the election, length of term, and duty as the head of the Senate, it did not outline the specific job duties of the Vice President. In the Constitution, the duties that are stated are, he will replace the president if the president can't complete his term, and he will serve as the President of the Senate, but won't vote unless a tiebreaker is needed.

Major function of the vice presidency?

To be the President of the Senate until such time as the President is unable to fulfill their duties.

What are the special duties for the senate?

eating bills peachy president guilty trial

Which of these duties does the constitution give president of the US?

voting in the senate in case of a tie

When determining the job duties of the vice president they are largely left up to?

The job duties of the vice president are largely left up to the president. The vice-president actually has one official duty and that is president of the Senate.

What is the role of the vice president of the united states?

The vice president is the presiding officer the US Senate. He has to be ready to take over as president if needed. He also takes on assignments that the President gives him and may serve as special representative for the President.He/She stands ready to assume the Presidency in the event that the President can no longer perform his/her duties (or no longer wishes to). Until then, he/she presides over the U. S. Senate.

How many times in American history has the vice president been called on to assume the duties of president?


Who could be a president after the president or the vice president?

If the President and Vice-President are not able to fulfill their duties, the Speaker of the House (currently R-OH John Boehner) would assume the presidency. After that the President Pro Tempore of the Senate (currently D-HI Daniel Inouye) would assume the presidency. The 5th in line to the presidency is the Secretary of State (currently D-NY Hillary Clinton).