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The squirrel monkey is warm blooded! By a pretty girl that did a projet on them and they are so cute.

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What animals are spelled with fourteen letters?

Capuchin Monkey Flying Squrriel Indian Elephant Tasmanian Devil Snowshoe Rabbit

What are the characteristics of a monkey that help it live?

The characteristics of a monkey that helps them live is because they are warmblooded and they eat a lot of bananas which helps them to stay healthy because bananas have protins which doesn't causes the monkeys to get ill.

Is a squrriel a arthropod?

No, a squirrel is a mammal.

What eats a squrriel?

cats and dogs

Are chickens warmblooded?

yes they are warmblooded

Are mammals warmblooded or coldblooded?


Is a leopard coldblooded or warmblooded?


Is a bat warmblooded or coldblooded?


Are horses warmblooded?

Horses are warmblooded animals, not coldblooded. They are mamals so warmblooded indeed

why are they warmblooded?

Now i think i know they are warmblooded because they need the heat to be warm during winter if they wern't warmblooded they would have been died

Are birds coldblooded or warmblooded?

Birds are warmblooded .

Are lions warmblooded?

Yes,Lions Are Warmblooded.

Are mollusk snails warmblooded or coldblooded?

They are warmblooded.

Are Holsteins cold or warmblooded horses?


Are turkeys warmblooded or cold blooded?

Birds are warmblooded and turkeys are birds, therefore turkeys are warmblooded.

What is the squrriel eat?

Fruit and Seed Vegetables.

Animal skin that Heracles wore?


Is a squrriel stronger than a chipmunk?


How do you kill a squrriel?

beat it with its own nuts!!

Are hamsters warmblooded or coldblooded?

Yes, hamsters are warmblooded.

Are penguins warmblooded are cold blooded?

they r warmblooded

Is a platypus a warmblooded or cold blooded?

a platypus is a warmblooded animal because it is a mammal and like most mammals,they are warmblooded.

Are mice warmblooded?

Yes, mice are mammals and are therefore warmblooded.

Are bats warmblooded?

Yes. Bats are mammals, which means that they are warmblooded.

Are clouded leopards warmblooded?

Yes, all mammals are warmblooded.