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No. Turkish has numerous loanwords from Arabic, but does not use Arabic grammar, Arabic base-words, Arabic letters (such as gutturals or emphatics), and retains many unique, Altaic properties such as agglutination.

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What languages are spoken in Istanbul Turkey?

Turkish. There is also a Kurdish speaking minority.Turkishthe language is Turkish and Arabic.the language is Turkish and Arabic.

Who speaks a language close to Turkish?

The most close language is Azeri language.

Are Turkish and kurdish languages similar?

No. Turkish is an Altaic Language. Kurdish is an Indo-European Language. Kurdish is much closer to Farsi (the language of Iran) than Arabic or Turkish.

What qaser al hob means in Turkish language?

That appears to be Arabic, not Turkish. Are you asking how to translate that phrase INTO Turkish? Or do you want an English translation? it's is Arabic and it means love

Does Kivanc Tatlitug know how to talk in Arabic?

No, he can't! but Turkish is close to Arabic, there are similar words.

Which language did Turkish rulers encourage using in literature?

It depended on the age, but usually Turkish rulers encouraged using Turkish or Arabic in literature.

Translate from ottoman Turkish into Arabic?

Ottoman Turkish and Arabic had different writing systems: the Ottoman Turkish alphabet used Latin, Arabic, and Chinese figures, but Arabic only uses Arabic figures. To learn Ottoman Turkish, you could go to The website is written in Arabic, but on the top you should find the Translate this Page, and translate into English or whatever language you speak.

Which language have influenced Punjabi?

Persian,Arabic,Hindi and Turkish influenced Punjabi

What is the language spoken in istanbul?

Language of people of Istanbul is mostly Turkish, but there are some of them who know Kurdish and Arabic.

What is the difference between Eastern Arabic and Turkish?

There is no such language as Eastern Arabic. Even if you meant to say Iraqi Arabic, there are fundamental differences between Arabic and Turkish. The only commonality between them is that between 5-10% of Turkish is made of Arabic loanwords. Everything from basic phrases, verb conijugations, declensions, etc. are different.

What is the meaning of kessemak Arabic language?

Kessemak is not an Arabic word, perhaps it means something in Turkish (as it looks like a Turkish word). Qesmak is the closest word to Kessemak in Arabic and means "your section" or "your department" or "your inheritance".

What language most resembles Turkish?

Linguistically, Turkish is not closely related to French or Arabic, however because of close collaboration between the Turks and the French and the Arabs, there are a lot of "loan words" in Turkish from French and Arabic. Linguistically Turkish is very closely related to Turkmen and related languages spoken in Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan and etc. Turkish is also closely related to Finnish insofar as it is to any agglutinative language (languages in which meanings are changed or added to by adding endings to verbs and nouns). Turkish is not Indo-European like French, and Arabic is from the Semitic language grouping, also not Indo-European. Moreover, only 6% and 5% of the Turkish words are borrowed from Arabic and French, respectively. Turkish grammar is incidentally similar to Japanese. Turkish is also distantly related to Finnish and Hungarian, all being members of the Ural-Altaic language family. However, Turkish has more in common with Azerbaijani, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Tatar, Turkmen, Uighur and Uzbek, which are from the Altaic branch. In common with other nations conquered/influenced by Islam, Turkish has some Arabic loan words, although a considerable number were replaced with Turkic words after WWI and the fall of the Ottoman regime. Besides, Turkish does not have any guttural sounds, so it does not sound like Arabic at all. There are still many loanwords from French.

What is the official language of the caliphate?

Typically, the official language in the Caliphates was Arabic, but there were several Caliphates in Persia, Central Asia, and India which did not use Arabic as their official language. The Ottoman Empire also used Turkish.

What kind of language did the Turks have?

Turkish. But %70 Turks can speak English, Italian, Deutch, Arabic.

What does Arabic sounds like?

Arabic language sound like Turkish ..that if you have heard Turkish before..or maybe Persian also..anyway it's nothing like french or German or Russian.. it's realy distinctive

What is the origin of the language uyghur?

The language is Uyghur Turkish,many years ago the all Turkish tribes were spoken same language,but later they were separated and became some nations,like the German,The Uyghur languege very close to Ozbek language and Turkey Turkish,

Do Turkish people speak Arabic?

Most Turks only speak Turkish. Those that are bilingual or trilingual often do not speak Arabic (but local languages like Kurdish and English as a foreign language). Arabic is not an official language in Turkey and primarily spoken by the Syrian Arabs living in Hatay Province and near Gaziantep. This population numbers approximately 3 million people (of a total Turkish population of 80 million people).

What languages were spoken in the Ottoman Empire?

TurkishTurkish language but using Arabic alphabet.Ottomans would speak in the language Turkish. The Ottoman Empire is what we know of now to be modern day Turkey.they spoke Turkish,Ottoman empire=Turkish empire.....but in the countries they concurred (for example serbia,bosnia,macedonia...) ppl of course spoke their native languages:)

What languages are spoken in southwest Asia?

The most common language in Southwest Asia is Arabic, although different dialects are dominant in different areas. Farsi, Turkish, Kurdish, and Hebrew are the next most popular languages.Arabic is the dominant language in Southwest Asia, but there are also large populations of Farsi, Turkish, Kurdish, and Hebrew speakers.

What is the primary language spoken in the eastern Mediterranean?

The primary language spoken in the eastern Mediterranean is Arabic, although Hebrew, Turkish, and Greek are also widely spoken.

What language is Turkish similar to?

Turkish is probably most similar to the Transcaucasian languages (Kazakh, Uzbek, Turkmen, etc.). It also has numerous loanwords from Arabic, French, and English, but is not related to any of them.

What is mrhaba?

Mrhaba or (Marahaba) in Arabic Language and might be in Turkish as will means to say hi or hello to someone, it can be for a formal or informal situation.

How do you say thank you in greek Hebrew Arabic and Turkish?

Thank you in Arabic : Shukran

Where can you watch the Turkish series Alia in Arabic?

if you have arabic tv you can watch on aljadeed

When was Turkish Language Association created?

Turkish Language Association was created in 1932.

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